Mark Co-Founded a little passion project called “IKONICK” In 2016

Mark Co-Founded a little passion project called “IKONICK” In 2016

Do you know what’s the greatest gift a parent could give you? The freedom to be who you truly are with unending support. Having someone to lead by example that hard work and consistent dedication will lead you down a path of success. Mark Brazil was just a little kid who grew up in Long Island and loved to play soccer with a passion, some would even say it was a gift that came easy to him. Being that soccer was a big part of his life, it taught him something about the kind of person he was. Unwilling to accept defeat because he knew exactly what he was capable of. Some people crack under pressure and give up when they’re told they will never surmount to anything, but not Mark. The moment he realized that no one had the power to determine his success, a fire was lit inside him.

In 2016 Mark and his artistically gifted friend Jeff Cole started a little passion project called “IKONICK”, an art collection made to inspire entrepreneurs and other hardworking people alike to wake up and grind. They were both determined to live a life outside of the ordinary rat race and knew that it wasn’t for everyone, it takes a particular mindset. You need to be able to hustle and put in the work when no one else is willing to.

Your goal is most likely to be the best in your industry and “IKONICK” was built to remind you of that goal every single day. Artwork meant to inspire you with motivational quotes and beautifully captured pictures displaying a luxury lifestyle you may be trying to obtain. Whether you want it to hang in your bedroom or on your office wall, you’re guaranteed to get a motivational kick in the ass.

One of the best qualities you can have in a business structure is knowing where you fit in and where you don’t. Not everyone can be a genius creator in all fields, we each have our own strong suit and weak areas. Mark’s strong suit is marketing and sales and he does a hell of a job at it. It’s important to know that your business will only ever run as smoothly as your team does.

Almost 4 years later and this little passion project has now turned into the fastest growing digital art company in the world. Is there something that motivates you to get up and grind every day? Check out some of IKONICK’s designs and find the perfect piece to hang on your wall, the hustle never ends when you have a goal to accomplish.

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