Rock Band Days Of Fury Causes A Storm With New Single

The Italian Rock Band has released a single with two new songs My Best Friend’s Mother, and Better

It’s been a long time coming, but rock band Days Of Fury have finally released their first single featuring two songs, My Best Friend’s Mother, and Better. The alternative rock band from Turin, Italy featuring Giovanni (voice), Marco (bass and vocalist), Andrea (guitar), Maurizio (drums) have caused worldwide excitement over their new music.

The rock band who have been influenced by punk, grunge, glam rock but have their own unique sound and idea of alternative rock have said they are very excited with the release of their first single. Music industry experts have said there is no one like them currently in the music world, and once you listen to their music ( it becomes understandable why they are setting the rock world alight.

Days Of Fury which was the brainchild of Giovanni Iamonte (vocals and guitar) has quickly gained a huge following. The alternative rock band from Turin have fans stretching all the way from their hometown to the USA, The UK, and Australia. With their unique rock sound its no wonder why they have gained so much excitement.

The band, which wants to breath new life into the rock world ( have said they hope their fans enjoy their new music as much as they enjoyed making it. Giovanni Iamonte said: “This is a very exciting time for the band. Our two new songs My Best Friend’s Mother, and Better, are our babies. They are the start of our journey that we want our fans from all over the world to come on.”

When asked about the aim of the band and the future of the band, Andrea explained they wanted to make Rock music great again and hoped to tour as many places around the world.

“Playing live is what we live for”, explained Andrea. The buzz of playing live and seeing the fans get involved in our music and singing along to our songs is amazing. Days Of Fury is not about just the four of us, everyone of our fans are a part of our band and our journey.”

Days Of Fury will be releasing new music in November, and then the news that all their fans have been waiting for, their debut album. The untitled album will be released in April/May 2020, and if the album is anything like their new single then the album will blow up the charts.

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The alternative rock band is from Turin, Italy with band members Giovanni (voice), Marco (bass and vocalist), Andrea (guitar), Maurizio (drums).

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