Kuivato Glass Art Gallery Is The Oldest Sedona Art Gallery In The Tlaquepaque Arts & Shopping Center in Sedona, AZ

Kuivato Glass Art Gallery Is The Oldest Sedona Art Gallery In The Tlaquepaque Arts & Shopping Center in Sedona, AZ

Sedona, AZ – When looking for an art gallery that provides a unique fine arts experience, Kuivato Glass Art Gallery is your one stop shop for beautiful one-of-a-kind fine art pieces from worldwide and local artists. Kuivato Glass Art Gallery creates a luxurious atmosphere where everyone is welcome to enjoy the fine art from local and worldwide artists who use a vast array of forms and styles. Each artist has a background of excellence in order to ensure that nothing but the best is added to the Sedona art gallery. Kuivato Glass Art Gallery is always looking to keep the elegance and prestige of their craftsmanship.

With the Kuivato Glass Art Gallery in the heart of the Tlaquepaque Village, the option to enjoy the energy of their unique beautiful creations is just around the corner.  They still hold the record of being the oldest Sedona art gallery in the Tlaquepaque area. Having a wide range of prices, there is always something for the locals and tourists to enjoy. Whether you have a true passion for art or if you just like to enjoy beautiful, unique glass art pieces, the Sedona art gallery is the number one place to enjoy and experience art at it’s finest. It is a place where the essence of art can be perceived in its purest form.

“We have carefully selected artists that are local, regional and global to represent the magic of our amazing Sedona art gallery. When browsing our online gallery or visiting our Kuivato Glass Art Gallery, you can experience many art forms and styles including fused glass, torch-worked glass, ceramic sculptures, and blown glass, to name a few. Come visit one of the finest art galleries in the country known for our unique and beautiful creations from top glass artists,” says one of the artists and owners of Kuivato Glass Art Gallery, Pilisa Rainbow Lady.

Their artist team features work from AmusinGlass by Pilisa, Randy Walker, Paradise Glass Works, David Patchen, Jenny Floravita, Melanie Leppla and more. Of all the Sedona art galleries, Kuivato Glass Art Gallery is in the core of the Tlaquepaque Village and has been there since 1973.  Known as one of the most influential places to see a wide variety of artists and one-of-a-kind glass art in Sedona, Arizona, they specialize in blown glass, mixed-media acrylic painting, fused glass, torched glass, ceramic sculpture, cast glass and others that can be found in their beautiful art gallery.

Kuivato Glass Art Gallery is open to the public from 10:00 am to 6:00 pm 7 days a week. The Sedona Art Gallery is located at 336 AZ-179, Suite B-125,  Sedona, Arizona 86336. To get in touch with them, contact them via phone at (928) 282-1212 or via email at [email protected]. To learn more about their artistic expressions and exquisite jewelry, feel free to visit their website at: https://sedonaartgalleries.com/kuivato-glass/ 

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Phone: 928-282-1212
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