Sudaba set to add a twist to sparkling water with the launch of the first-ever cordless soda maker

Sudaba Team has launched a fundraising campaign for their innovative cordless portable soda maker designed to transform drink from plain to fizzy in seconds

Sudaba is a portable soda maker that is poised with revolutionizing the way water is consumed across the globe. The innovative product is probably the first of its kind in history, designed to transform drinks from plain to fizzy with less sugar in seconds with the injection of CO2 via a twist.

Soda makers have been around for decades, with millions of people enjoy the features of different products from several brands. However, many of the available soda makers in the market are not only old-fashioned but can be stressful to uses, as they have bulky components that make them difficult to carry about. This is in addition to tangling cords, and frequent recharges that sometimes lead to people abandoning them. However, the introduction of Sudaba is set to change this narrative, providing people with an amazing tool for making healthy drinks that sparkle without electricity or batteries.

The amazing soda maker is designed to provide users with sparkling water with a twist anytime, anywhere. Users only have to do a single twist of the carbonator to release abundant CO2 to their beverage in the bottle and ultimately bubble it up in no time.

The portable, convenient, environmentally-friendly and cost-effective soda maker only requires users to the included BPA-free reusable bottle with water, load the CO2 cartridge in the carbonator, attach and twist to get soda water in seconds. The product can be used to carbonate any drink, including juices, tea, coffee, lemonade, energy drinks, wine, cocktails, mocktails, and beer, offering a healthy option as no harmful additives, preservatives or excessive sugar is contained.

Sudaba is elegantly styled in a small footprint to fit in a kitchen drawer for home use, in the bag, hand, or the drink holder for use outdoors to produce sparkling water on demand. The versatility of the product, in addition to its other fantastic features such as cost-efficiency, makes it the ideal soda maker for anyone that wants always to stay hydrated regardless of their location.

The Kickstarter fundraising campaign has a goal of $7,000, which will be used in support of the production and distribution of Sudaba.

More information about Sudaba and how to get on board the train of healthy, efficient soda makers, please visit Kickstarter.

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