Sassymomz Announces Service Dedicated To Helping Professional Married Moms Reclaim Their Self-Confidence And Build Solid Relationships

Women are amazing, but their efforts are never appreciated. Sassymomz has created a service to help professional married moms redefine their lifestyle to live fulfilled lives that unlock their true potential, so they can become bold, sexy and free.

Every woman deserves to feel special and happy in their lives. Unfortunately, we live in a society where moms bear the burden of juggling too many roles and they single-handedly have to deal with many responsibilities and that has created a serious physiological problem for women.

Sassymomz is a platform created to address all the emotional and psychological challenges in the lives of moms, so they can feel sexy, happy, and free. Sassymomz targets professional married moms who have to balance their career, family life, and marriage, putting them in a constant state of stress. 

The platform is designed to provide all sorts of support for the professional moms, using the most intuitive, innovative, and strategic approach that involves coaching, social skills development, and life teachings. 

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Despite their enormous efforts and contribution to making relationships, family, society, and business environment functional, most moms are never appreciated. They are seen as unattractive, boring, and submissive, and that doesn’t do a lot of good for their mindset. 

Sassymomz is established and run by Nadera Jackson-Banton, a graduate of psychology who specializes in providing emotional, mental health needs and behavioral challenges, to families and individuals. With her many years of experience, she’s been able to realize that moms have peculiar needs that require urgent and deliberate attention. 

Nadera uses her skills and creative capability to implement a comprehensive life and social skills development programs designed exclusively for moms. With this service, moms are able to realize their true potential. 

As a coach certified by Coach Training Alliance and her lived experience as a mom, she understands exactly what every mom needs in their life, the steps they need to take to reach their goal, how to help them build their self-confidence, and improve their relationship.

Helping moms to become the best version of themselves is the core values behind Sassymomz mission. Moms are women with unique needs, issues and concerns, so they should have a program tailored to their differences and this is what Sassymomz offers.

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