Getting Beautiful Florals and Greenery for Special Occasions

Getting Beautiful Florals and Greenery for Special Occasions

Make any special occasion better with beautiful flowers and greenery. Weddings, graduation parties, corporate events, family reunions, and other occasions are made more enjoyable with the addition of carefully chosen and placed containers of greenery or flowers. The best companies will work with the customer to choose the perfect floral arrangements to impress their guests and stay within the budget.

What Is the Event?

The type and size of the event will help determine the type of floral or greenery arrangements. Some of the types of events that can be improved with florals include weddings, wedding rehearsals and dinners, anniversary parties, birthday celebrations, political events, product launch parties, corporate events, retirement parties and more. If there is a celebration, order some floral arrangements to enhance it. Why not start the search for a vendor with

Choosing the Vendor

Don’t hesitate to call several floral companies like Urban Botanica and compare what they charge and see what they have to offer. Some companies might be better for large events and some for smaller parties held at home. Matching the floral arrangement vendor to the occasion will assure success. What floral design services does the vendor offer? What are the standard arrangements of choices and prices? Do they deliver and set up? Is there an extra charge for custom arrangements? Ask to see arrangements they have created for other customers and events. 

Ask the vendor the right questions to see if a rapport can be reached and if they get your style. The florist should understand the customer’s goals and tastes and be able to meet them on budget. Ask what their cost includes. Can the customer accompany the florist to wholesalers to see what choices are available? Does the florist offer packages to save money? How do they determine the budget and what cost-saving measures do they suggest?

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Getting the Most Impact While Saving Money

Some money-saving strategies include using in-season flowers, purchased locally. A wedding reception can use the same arrangements that decorated the ceremony location. Ribbons and greenery can add volume and impact to less expensive flowers. Let the type of event drive the choice of flowers. Consider the tone of the event. Consider the beliefs and culture of the people who will attend the event. Be sure to choose a theme and stay within budget.

Consider the season and choose appropriate flowers such as whites for winter, warm fall colored booms for autumn, bright cheerful colored flowers for summer. Flowering branches can save money and add drama to floral arrangements. Choose blooms that can withstand the weather at the time of the event. Match the size and impact of the floral arrangements to the size of the venue and the event. Do not overwhelm a space or have the arrangements be too small in a large venue.

Consider grouping small arrangements into a larger display, then using them as guest gifts when the event is over. You should avoid flowers that may trigger allergies in any of the guests. Use living potted plants as table centerpieces and have guests draw numbers to see who takes them home. The right floral and greenery arrangements make all events more special.

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