Elaine Martin Kids Hypnosis, A Mobile App that Puts Children to Sleep

Brisbane, Australia – Elaine Martin Kids Hypnosis, a mobile application dedicated to helping children and teens sleep and improve their mental and physical health, is now available on iOS and Android-powered devices.

Created for kids aged newborn to mid-teens, the application is the only hypnosis and sleep-focused application for kids dedicated to helping them improve their sleep patterns and mental and physical well-being. With a selection of age-appropriate bedtime stories that deal with topics of fear, anxiety, stress, and self-confidence, each is designed to put children to sleep easily and soothingly. 

Children and teens experience a deep feeling of calm and relaxation as they drift to sleep listening to stories featuring animals or magical creatures. With lullaby rhymes for babies and narrated stories with interesting and quirky plots for children and teenagers, the application’s content, customized for each age group, creates a relaxing environment to promote sleep and relaxation.

Featuring high-quality audio recordings, premium soft-calming ambient sounds, and a soft, relaxing voice by narrator Elaine Martin, the Elaine Martin Kids Hypnosis application contains a library of original content that is simple and easy to access, easy to playback for your child at bedtime, and powerful in inducing sleep, calming nerves, and improving mental and physical health.

The Elaine Martin Kids Hypnosis application is free to download, with additional content available through in-application purchases. The application is now available for download on the Apple App Store and Google Play Store.

For more information, or to download the application to try it for yourself or your child, please visit ElaineMartinKidsHypnosis.com.

About Elaine Martin

Elaine Martin is an accomplished professional psychotherapist and hypnotherapist. A recipient of the Best Hypnotherapist Award in Australia for two consecutive years, her work and expertise have been highlighted on BBC Radio 4 and on her YouTube channel, which supports a community of nearly 16,000 tackling the challenges children and teens face and has over 3.3 million views. Internationally recognized and acclaimed for her work, the application has touched the lives of children all around the world including the United States, United Kingdom, Canada, and Australia.

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