Virtual Memory: The Future of Technology in The Work Place

Virtual Memory: The Future of Technology in The Work Place

Virtual memory is one of those leading-edge technologies that is impacting the tech sector in many ways and even improving the average office environment. In fact, it’s estimated that this technology is going to impact the face of the average workplace for many years to come. Keep reading to learn more.

What is Virtual Memory?

Virtual memory is part of most desktop computer’s operating systems. It has become popular because it offers many benefits for users at a low price. While places like Exit Technologies offers insight into this technology, there are more benefits to be found here, too.

Increasing RAM and Memory

The majority of computers used today are designed with between 32 and 64 megabytes of RAM available to use. Unfortunately, this isn’t enough for most computers to run all the programs that are often used. For example, with the e-mail program, operating system, word browser, and Web browser all running, the 32 megabytes won’t be enough.

If virtual memory did not exist, after the available RAM was taken, the computer would basically let the user know they couldn’t do anything else. They would have to close the other applications to run a new one. However, with virtual memory, the computer can look at the RAM for areas that haven’t been recently used and then copy them over to the hard drive. By doing this, valuable RAM space is opened up, allowing the new application to load. For more information, visit

Technology Innovations Making Workplaces More Efficient

Thanks to the most recent developments and innovations related to virtual memory, workplaces are now able to run multiple programs without the worry of running out of space. This allows complex systems to run together, without hindering the workflow. This leads to increased productivity and efficiency in any workplace.

The Concept of “Unlimited” RAM

Since the copying occurs automatically, most people aren’t even aware that it is happening. This makes it seem as though the device being used has an unlimited supply of RAM, even if it has just 32 megabytes available. Because the hard drive space is so much more affordable than the RAM chips, it offers any office or workplace an economic benefit.

Handle More Addresses with the Main Memory

An appealing benefit offered by virtual memory is how it can handle up to twice as many addresses as the main memory. It utilizes software to use more memory by using the HDD as the temporary storage option while the MMUs translate the virtual memory addresses to actual physical addresses through the CPU. The programs being used take advantage of the virtual addresses to store data and instructions, when the program is executed, then the virtual addresses are turned into real memory addresses.

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Using Virtual Memory in the Workplace

When it comes to virtual memory, there’s no question that it offers an array of benefits in the workplace. As the tech around this feature continues to improve, it’s going to continue offering more and more benefits. Being informed and knowing what these benefits are is the best way for businesses to take advantage of them.

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