Five Pound Bass Co. Introduces Unconventionally Ingenious Upright Bass Guitars

Imaginative upright bass guitars feature a distinct design, custom made from repurposed canoe paddles in the USA.

Mackinaw, IL – Five Pound Bass Co. is pleased to announce the launch of its unconventional and ingenious upright bass guitars. The brainchild of co-creators Stumpy Joe and Tim Wallis, these stunning one-string bass guitars are constructed from repurposed canoe paddles. Completely one-of-a-kind with a distinct sound unlike other upright bass guitars, these rare instruments are compact, lightweight, and easy and fun to play.


“The Stumpy SJ-28 is light, and easy to carry around, but really big on sound,” says Stumpy Joe. “It’s perfect for the stage or studio, whether you’re a beginner or a pro.”


The idea for the one-string guitar began years ago, when Stumpy was making a bass for a friend in his garage.

“I was using a washtub for the bass, and was looking around my garage for something to use as a fret board. I ended up using an old boat paddle, which gave it a great sound. That first paddle was five foot long!”

After experimenting with different paddles, Stumpy and his partner Tim finally hit on the perfect solution – a small 30 inch paddle which has an impressive three octaves and all the same notes as the larger five foot paddle, but in a more manageable size for musicians.

The SJ-28 offers a number of innovative and refined features, including:

  • Volume and tone control
  • A built-in tuner with auto-muting
  • A mounting plate that threads directly on to any mic stand so the user can play in any position and at any height
  • A single string that’s easy to tune and easy on the fingers
  • Can be played either right or left-handed

The company also offers a lifetime guarantee on its instruments.

“This is a bass like no other,” Stumpy concludes. “It’s great for any style of music – a big sound in a small package with the most amazing tone.  What truly sets our instruments apart from the competition, however, is our completely inspired and visionary canoe paddle design.”

About the Company

The original idea for the upright bass guitar was conceived in 2006, when Stumpy Joe played his own home-made washtub bass. Years later, Stumpy worked together with Tim Wallis to create the first one-string bass that could be mass produced. The Stumpy SJ-28 was launched, and the response was so overwhelming that The Five Pound Bass Co. was born.  The company operates out of his grandpa’s old cattle barn, in Mackinaw, Illinois.

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