London-Based Clothing Company Launches Kickstarter Campaign to Introduce Fashionable and Recycled Cashmere Apparels

Circular cashmere clothing items by London W11 provides eco-friendly, durable, and affordable fashion without compromising elegance and comfort.

Forget seasonal cashmere apparels that get replaced after every two years, only to be discarded in landfills. London W11, a London-based eco-conscious clothing company, has recently launched a crowdfunding campaign for its Circular Cashmere collection on Kickstarter. The collection features timeless, modern, and luxury cashmere garments that are also sustainable and affordable.

“73% of fibers produced annually by the textile industry are either burned or dumped in landfills. And that’s a huge amount of waste! The fashion industry is responsible for over 8% greenhouse gas emissions. It’s high time we start thinking beyond seasonal cashmere goodies that we discard just after a couple of years and proactively practice sustainable fashion. And this is where our recycled ‘circular’ cashmere capsule comes to the rescue,” stated Eva Maria Khan, the eco-conscious and creative mind behind London W11.

“London W11 Circular Cashmere products are strong and durable as well as soft and extremely elegant. They are your absolute partner for green, feel-good fashion that you will love to pass on as a treasured legacy to your daughter and granddaughter.”

London W11 is extremely particular about ethical manufacturing standards. The company sources Grade A virgin yarn from Scottish and Italian mills who proactively encourage sustainable standards and have verified relationships with Mongolian herders. All clothing items from the company are manufactured in Italy and made from the finest recycled pre-consumer cashmere yarn.

The yarn used in making the Circular Cashmere collection is an exclusive 80/20 blend between recycled and virgin Grade A cashmere fibers. The company promises perfect luxury quality and no pilling of the yarn, unlike regular cashmere products. Employing a dry recycling method eliminates water usage during the yarn manufacturing process.

In addition, Ms. Khan highlighted the unique features of London W11 Circular Cashmere products:

• 3x warmer and lighter compared to wool

• Eco-friendly cashmere produced using a dry recycling process

• Hollow fibers work to regulate temperature, ensuring a comfortable wear

• Doesn’t retain moisture and is trans-seasonal

• Long-lasting

• Machine washable

“We are driven by the mission to replace the throwaway fashion culture with sustainable, feel-good fashion. Our planet is in danger and circular fashion is one of the major steps to protect the environment from further deterioration. As our circular cashmere products can stand the test of time, using them will drastically reduce the constant demand for virgin yarn and help conserve natural resources. Presently, we are launching this Kickstarter campaign to gather funding for the mass production of our Circular Cashmere collection. Your generous support will help us bring our vision to life and save our planet.”

Backers of the campaign will enjoy a 40% discount on London W11 Circular Cashmere products.

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