AlignerCo set to disrupt the teeth straightening industry with “the world’s clearest aligners”

New, prominent providers of innovative teeth straightening solution, AlignerCo, making teeth straightening affordable with their set of Invisible Aligners

AlignerCo is offering millions of people across the United States a fantastic solution to help them get their smile and confidence back without having to break the bank with their set of invisible aligners. Described as “the world’s clearest aligners,” the product is designed to be virtually invisible, allowing users to achieve straighter teeth with no unnecessary expenses or being bothered about their look.

The mouth is one of the most important parts of the body, and the teeth are a major component of the mouth. Besides performing two important functions of chewing and aiding the digestive system, the teeth also enhance the appearance of an individual. One of the major dental challenges faced by millions of people in the United States and other parts of the world is malocclusion of the teeth, otherwise known as crowded teeth, gapped teeth or open bite. Several treatment options such as teeth removal, or surgery braces are currently available to patients, with the use of braces to correct the position of the teeth being one of the most popular. Unfortunately, many such solutions do not meet the needs of patients as they are expensive and can be time-consuming. This is where AlignerCo is looking to make a difference with their set of clear aligners.

The product is designed to provide patients with straighter teeth using orthodontist-designed clear braces for 65% less cost and without visits to the clinic. AlignerCo employs a 3-step process to help the correction of the misaligned teeth. The process includes taking the dental impressions at home (with the help of AlignerCo impression kit), the creation of a customized invisible aligners treatment plan designed by a team of specialized orthodontists, and getting the sets of aligners to be worn as instructed (20-22 hours a day).

The aligners are available in different plans, including SmileAdvantage and SmileFlex, ensuring that the needs of patients are met.

The uniqueness of the teeth straightening solution with the combination of quality and affordability has helped to increase its popularity and acceptance with patients across the United States of America.

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