Eagle Rock Global: New ecosystems are developed based on blockchain 4.0

Eagle Rock Global is thriving in the world with its foundations. Besides the nine existing and developing ecosystems of ERG Group. They are building a new platform for the strong ecosystem of the ERG corporation. It is ERG’s network, which is built on blockchain 4.0 with a view to issuing shares in 2020.

A typical business spends 1/4 of its working time on administrative jobs. In the context that the average business is losing $ 3.6 million due to information leaks, the application of Blockchain 4.0 will completely eliminate this concern.

Older generations of Blockchain have a number of advantages such as high security, automatic storage system and immutability (cannot be modified) when storing information, suitable for bill payment applications. or salary.

However, they also have many shortcomings, such as slow processing speed, lack of high quality human resources to operate.

Blockchain 4.0 is developed with focus on businesses, supporting the government, helping to create and run transactional applications more quickly, safely and efficiently.

There are 5 innovative features of ERG Blockchain 4.0.

1/ Relational Blockchain

A brand new blockchain which features different types of data, related in a multidimensional structure.

2/ Transaction Speed

In less than 0.2 seconds funds are transferred across wallets, including secure validation of the transactions. Among the fastest in the world.

3/ Transaction Throughput

Unmatched scalability: up to 64,000 TPS (1000 TPS/core) on a 64 cores server. Support to 64+ cores technologies.

4/ Next Generation Wallet

Cutting edge security in access and funds transfers with biometric inputs.

5/ Eco-friendly

A ERG’s  transaction will be low cost with next to zero environmental footprint.

ERG’s network include 5 major applications in 5 fields:

+ Smart Government:

Reality: Lack of transparency, time, energy, and money for managing the systems. Directly affecting the efficiency of the economy. Centralized government and public sector operations Concentrated government functions have made public services a bad name over the years.

ERG Solution: With the “transparency of every transaction” feature of ERG blockchain, this application will help governments around the world solve the paperwork and data security issues.

+ Innovation healthcare:

Reality: In the world, medical records are still stored in the traditional way, each hospital stores the patient’s health separately, which makes it difficult for patients and doctors to track medical records.

ERG Solution: Erg will create a protocol in the field of health health, with this platform all information related to the patient’s health will be in erg’s blockchain. With this Platform, ERG will help health company, hospital solve the current problems of operation and management.

+ Big Data Management:

Reality: We are more connected than ever before in the Internet age, along with that we must be careful to protect our information, our identity, from the elements attacked by malicious hackers. Malicious, global anonymity and data hoarders try to harness the power of our personal information for their own benefit like finance or other matters.

ER Solutions: ERG’s BIG DATA information ecosystem will help people manage their personal information, avoiding cases where other people or organizations use their personal information without consent.

+ Financial Banking system:

Reality: The current financial system is supported by large-scale financial institutions that provide financial services. This means that banks, insurance companies, credit card companies, housing finance companies, money transfer companies, etc. are inherently ancient and have low penetration rates. The application of cryptocurrencies to normal life: Now it is almost impossible to pay with any cryptocurrency, or make a transfer.

ERG Solutions: The ERG banking and financial system develops to connect traditional and modern financial complexes. Improve the limitations of traditional banking and financial methods

+ Smart education:

Reality: Education is the backbone of any nation. Educational development has proven to be one of the most important determinants of a nation’s strengthening and economic growth. This is why more and more countries around the globe invest huge amounts of energy, time and financial resources to develop their human resources. Developing human resources is like developing the nation’s roots, what makes a great nation a qualified people.

ERG Solutions: ERG with the mission to bring the optimization and transparency of blockchain into the current education system to improve the quality of education in the world.

With the new ecosystems above, ERG will bring the development in the community of the group as well as contribute the strength of the erg group to the development of society.

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