Creative Biolabs Is Ready to Serve NHP Biological Products to Global Clients

New York, USA, October 18, 2019 Non-human primates (NHPs) are an important medium to understand laws of the organic world and have greatly contributed to many milestones in the biomedical world. Focusing on preclinical animal research for more than 10 years, Creative Biolabs provides a full range of NHP biological products to clients worldwide.

As highly intelligent animals, non-human primates (NHPs) are crucial for scientists to find solutions to a diversity of diseases, such as cancer, tuberculosis, Ebola, Alzheimer’s disease, etc. To meet the increasing research demands, Creative Biolabs has been ready to provide a wide range of NHP biological products including serum, plasma, whole blood, tissues and blood fluid derived from NHPs.

Accounted for a large part of body, body fluid including bone marrow, amniotic fluid, bile and breast milk serves as a maintainer for fundamental metabolism. Rich in hematopoietic stem cells, monkey bone marrow is a primary site to produce new blood cells. Samples including rhesus monkey bone marrow, marmoset bone marrow and cynomolgus monkey bone marrow are available at Creative Biolabs for tests and assays.

Monkey amniotic fluid is the most critical part in the reproduction process of future generations, which has supported the research of vertical transmission of Zika viruses and pancreatic progenitor cell production in vitro. Creative Biolabs offers rhesus monkey amniotic fluid, cynomolgus monkey amniotic fluid, chimpanzee amniotic fluid, baboon Amniotic fluid and African green monkey amniotic fluid to potential global customers.

Monkey bile is highly involved in the research of cholelithiasis and other assays such as polymerase chain reaction, immunoprecipitation, immunofluorescent flow cytometry, etc. The bile samples provided by Creative Biolabs are mainly from rhesus monkey, cynomolgus monkey, chimpanzee, baboon and African green monkey. Monkey breast milk which is also frequently used in some of the aforementioned research is also available at Creative Biolabs, such as rhesus monkey breast milk, chimpanzee breast milk, baboon breast milk, etc.

Apart from the mentioned body fluid, Creative Biolabs holds other samples such as cerebrospinal fluid, feces, pericardial fluid, saliva, urine, aqueous humor, vitreous humor as well as bronchoalveolar lavage and synovial fluid from different kinds of NHPs, such as rhesus monkey, marmoset, African green monkey, chimpanzee, etc.

“Non-human primates have been leading life science research and biotechnology innovation,” said a product manager of Creative Biolabs, “and we always strictly follow the ethical requirements for experimental animals and try to make them well-treated.”

With abundant experience and resources, Creative Biolabs serves as an unparalleled primate biobank for worldwide researchers. Special inquiry including age, gender, species and applicable samples from animal disease models also can be provided. More detailed information can be found on the official website:

About Creative Biolabs

Established in 2004, Creative Biolabs has been concentrating on preclinical animal studies since then. The company owns a variety of developed NHP disease models to satisfy specific or urgent orders. With experienced project managers, research scientists of Ph.D. level working closely with manufacturing staff, a time-efficient delivery of the highest grade of product is secured to meet every unique requirement of global clients.

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