The Most Comprehensive Services for TAC Engineered T Cell Therapy at Creative Biolabs

New York, USA, October 18, 2019 T cell antigen coupler (TAC) technology is a hot issue in the biological world and Creative Biolabs has been ready to offer one-stop solution services for TAC engineered T cell therapy.

T cell antigen coupler (TAC), a chimeric receptor that coopts the endogenous T cell receptor (TCR), induces more efficient anti-tumor responses and reduced toxicity, is proved to be better than past-generation chimeric antigen receptors (CARs). As a world-leading service provider, Creative Biolabs, together with experienced scientists, skilled product managers and other well-trained staff, is confident in delivering a series of T cell antigen coupler engineered T cell services, mainly made up of development services and preclinical trial services.

Among TAC engineered T cell development, TAC biomarker identification and selection is the most fundamental and crucial step. Being used as characteristic indicators to measure outcomes, biomarkers of T cell receptor antigen coupler are the necessary complement to conventional bioassays. Scientists of Creative Biolabs have a wealth of experience in identifying and selecting TAC biomarker in different disease models covering liquid tumors including CD19 for Hodgkin lymphomas and BCMA for multiple myeloma, solid tumors including HER2 for breast cancer and RORI for non-small cell lung cancer as well as autoimmune diseases including env for immunodeficiency syndrome and C2, C4 for lupus syndromes.

A comprehensive TAC biomarker identification system has to consider not only chemical testing, but also biological effects at various tissue levels as well as at the population and community levels, where Creative Biolabs is very proficient with years of experience based on its CellRapeutics™ T Cell Antigen Coupler Technology.

TAC biomarker selection is also of great importance and difficulties,” said one of the senior scientists of Creative Biolabs, “the target antigen should be able to interact with the binding domain, so it must bind appropriately, thus the TAC can lead to enough immune response.”

Besides the aforementioned TAC biomarker identification and selection, TAC generation and optimization, TAC design and construction as well as TAC in vitro assay are also vital parts of an integrated portfolio of TAC development services provided by Creative Biolabs. Preclinical trial services including TAC preclinical in vivo assay and TAC preclinical research are another focus of Creative Biolabs. All these services cover a variety of diseases, such as leukemia, carcinoma, sarcoma, glioma, germ cell tumor, blastoma, lymphoma, autoimmune diseases, etc.

TAC engineered T cell therapy has been proved to have a promising therapeutic effect in not only tumors, but also other autoimmune diseases. Establish in 2004, Creative Biolabs is constantly expanding the TAC library and updating its technology, aiming to offer the top-notch services of TAC engineered T cell therapy to global clients. Further information can be found at

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Creative Biolabs provides a whole package of unsurpassed services of TAC engineered T cell by customizing innovative solutions to each of client’ needs. With a skillful and well-equipped scientist team, Creative Biolabs is dedicated to collaborating with researchers from home and abroad to shorten their discovery and development time at a relatively low cost.

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