The Non-Profit Approach To Getting Into College

Two college students have established a non-profit organization with the intention of helping students seeking college admission. The services offered are entirely free for all applicants.

New York, NY – In the United States, applying to college can be one of the most stressful challenges that high school students face. To make matters worse, while affluent students enjoy many advantages in the process, such as access to college counselors and SAT tutors, students from low-income families are often left without resources.

Two college students, Georgia Eugenides and Zainab Qureshi, have formed an organization that strives to level the college-admissions playing field.  The new non-profit, College Approach, provides counseling and practical help to high school students navigating the college-application process, helping with advice on every aspect of getting into college, including: how to build a resume; how to prepare for an interview; how to revise a college essay; and how to select the right schools to “approach.” Eugenides, a sophomore at Brown, said of the difficulty some students encounter: “It’s hard to figure out how to apply to college all by yourself. I think it’s unfair that some students have more help with this than others.” Qureshi, who is pursuing a pre-med degree at Rutgers, added a personal note: “I want to teach students how to apply for financial aid because I had to go through that process myself.”

The students who have been helped by College Approach have positive things to say. One student, Amanda, shared her story: “I was hit with this harsh reality as a returning freshman… My school’s advising team was not helpful and I found myself feeling very alone in trying to make sense of the college world. [College Approach] has been a godsend. It helps tremendously to have a team of experts who are very familiar with the admissions process [who] know what colleges look for from students.”

The College Approach team of tutors and educational consultants boasts young and vibrant students who attend top-rated universities such as Columbia University, Georgetown University, New York University, and Northwestern University. All tutors at College Approach have scored above the 95th percentile on standardized college-admissions tests and maintain college GPAs above 3.8. In addition, some CA tutors are bilingual, allowing them to communicate with international students or those who speak English as a second language. 

College Approach is supported by lawyer Ahsen Janjua, a graduate of the University of Pennsylvania. Janjua believes in furthering the goals of College Approach and is generously offering the organization pro-bono legal representation.

Services provided by College Approach are entirely free. Students can meet with tutors in person, online, or by video chat or video call.

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