New Flatulence Treatment Reduces and Improves Flatulence Odor

Westlake Village, CA – Flatu-Scents, a natural health product manufactured by the health and lifestyle products company of the same name, today announced the launch of Flatu-Scents. The company’s new product offers relief from embarrassing gastrointestinal symptoms by alleviating the discomfort of flatulence while masking its associated odors. Flatu-Scents retails in 60-capsule packages, with discounts available for multiple quantity purchases.

Much like underarm deodorant, which reduces natural body odor, Flatu-Scents is designed to neutralize and minimize foul flatulence odors. Flatu-Scents accomplishes this by subtly improving the unpleasant odor of foul-smelling flatulence with a non-intrusive, light rose scent. By treating flatulence at its source, Flatu-Scents also reduces intestinal gas pain and pressure.

Flatu-Scents is a natural, vegan option for treating flatulence and its associated odors at the source. The product is made in the USA and designed for daily or as-needed use. It is free of known carcinogens and harmful ingredients like carbon.

“Flatu-Scents addresses an issue that affects millions of people worldwide,” explained Jeremy Madvin, CEO of Flatu-Scents. “For many, intestinal gas, gas pressure, and foul-smelling gas pose serious issues not only in their relationships but also at the workplace. This is why we as a company have taken a humorous approach to the embarrassing and seemingly inconsequential situation. We’re excited to now offer Flatu-Scents to customers worldwide following extensive research and development.”

For those diagnosed with certain illnesses that cause excessive flatulence, intestinal gas can become a cause for ongoing and prolonged discomfort and embarrassment. This includes anyone diagnosed with Celiac disease, Crohn’s disease, diabetes, dumping syndrome, Gastroesophageal Reflux Disease (GERD), Gastroparesis, Inflammatory Bowel Disease (IBD), irritable bowel syndrome, lactose intolerance, peptic ulcers, or ulcerative colitis. Flatu-Scents treats the problem by targeting excessive flatulence and masking undesirable odors, making social situations more comfortable.

“Flatu-Scents is a flatulence treatment that really works,” explained one customer. “It reduces gastrointestinal symptoms, decreases flatulence, and improves associated odors.” As with any nutritional supplement, the company recommends that users consult with their physician before introducing Flatu-Scents into their routine.

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Flatu-Scents is a California-based natural health products manufacturer. The company manufactures a range of natural health products and supplements using the finest ingredients. Manufacturing processes follow stringent quality control standards.

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