Photo managing software SortPix XL is being highly demanded by its users for being highly compatible

Photo managing software SortPix XL is being highly demanded by its users for being highly compatible
Get rid of tedious manhandling and let the software do the work!

Bellevue, Washington, USA – SortPix XL is simply the most user-friendly photo managing software available on the internet. The software not only serves as a great photo management software but also helps its users to find photos, sort photos and find duplicate photos. Whether you are a professional photographer or an editor who has to deal with tons of visual data on daily basis or some regular computer user who has to manage photos for a one-off event; Sort Pix XL the photo managing software is going to save the day for you and help you secure a lot of precious hours that you would have wasted otherwise.

The photo managing software SortPix XL includes the functions, sort photos via drag and drop, create folder structures, structure photos, find photos, sort photos, change the order of photos in a folder and find duplicate photos with the integrated duplicate photo cleaner. Additional the software have shortcuts for faster and professional working. Also included in the software are different photo viewers, for example a full screen viewer or a preview photo viewer. For faster and more professional work, the software is fully operable with the keyboard.

SortPix XL along with being a photo managing software also works as a duplicate photo cleaner. This means that it can help you detect and delete duplicate photos cramming up your storage space within a matter of seconds. SortPix XL is designed by a renowned software house IN MEDIAKG TI EN. The management of the firm firmly believes in adding value in the lives of people it serves. SortPix XL is evidence of this commitment. The photo managing software is available as a free download on the internet and can be used by anyone to increase their work-productivity and save time.

In the words of one of their managers:

“All your photos are no longer be found on your Computer and they are distributed in some folder on your PC. Here is the program to find photos and sort a good solution. There is various free delete duplicate pictures software or photo manager software on the web. With these you can easily and quickly organize your shootings and create a new structure on your computer or laptop.

“Furthermore, another feature is deleting more times existing photos (duplicates) immediately. Try the photo manager software for free and use the improved software release for photo sorting, manage photos or find duplicate photos. Simply and quickly create a folder structure using the photo manager software as you need it, and simply hold down the mouse button and drag one or more pictures into your created folder. Besides, integrated into the program to sort images is an auxiliary function to search for duplicate photos. With the program you have a completely successful package, which serves as a photo manager software.

“Sorting photos are very easy with this application for Windows. Press the download button to get a free download of the software to sort pictures. A photo sorter is program for splitting photographs into separate and structured folders is quite simple. To sort your photos, there is a huge amount of photo manager software and photo sort tool. At best, to divide images, use a photo sorter that lets you conveniently move and organize photos on your home computer.”

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