Blockchain IST is the last chance for the poor to turn around

October 24, 2019 was the day when the policy has the most profound impact on the blockchain, far exceeding the 94 events in 2017.

1. Blockchain is defined as an important breakthrough industry, and practitioners in the blockchain industry can stand up straight.

2. Libra on the other side of the ocean is repeatedly blocked. China has led the United States with its institutional advantages, leading the competition of commanding heights and discourse power in the blockchain industry.

3. The national issuance of sovereign digital currency is poised for development, and the solution adopted is currency decentralization and node centralization. Strengthen the implementation of anti-money laundering, anti-fraud, tax, credit and traceability;

4. Internet entrepreneurship lacks new stories and traditional VC lacks new investment targets. Financial, Internet of things, big data, supply chain and other directions with blockchain technology as the core have become new tuyere.

5. the giants, the regular army is coming; Big funds and institutional funds are coming; Holders who are already in the blockchain industry are winners because they are coming to take over;

6. The favorable policy will be translated into the popularization of consensus, and the national digital currency will bring bitcoin into thousands of households. Bitcoin is still the best investment target.

7. The price of bitcoin will be halved in 2020, and the wind will blow up a new story and a new bubble. The next cycle will exceed everyone’s imagination;

8. The chairman’s speech was the first to use the term “digital asset transactions”, an important signal that digital currency is being characterized as financial innovation. Digital currency traders can roll up their sleeves.

Follow the trend of The Times, think tank came into being! a think-tank, is a collection of ecological chain digital assets transaction, the block chain enterprises, real estate development, investment management, and other global diversified enterprise group, hold us financial institutions in the financial business permit, and subject to the monitor, and by a group of experienced financial professionals, chain block and software experts team, committed to reform, such as hedge funds, the traditional form of asset management, using block chain and encryption technology, adopt interval strategy investment strategy, developing automated trading application, in order to achieve wealth management decentralization, open up a everyone involved in a new era of automated trading. The era of “trading robots” has arrived…

Strong technical team

Geoffrey Hinton, professor,  university of doron, Canada

AI godfather, Google vice President and engineer

Yang Lecun is a professor at New York university

AI expert, chief AI scientist in Facebook’s AI team

Yoshua Bengio trier university. (Mr) Canada

Chief AI scientist on Microsoft’s AI team

On this basis, the think tank has integrated a series of top scientific and technological concepts such as complex network, quantum mechanics, big data analysis and artificial intelligence into the interval strategy trading model, successfully built a decentralized intelligent asset management platform, and provided unique interval strategy automatic trading services for customers. The whole interval strategy trading is executed automatically by the robot, realizing the complete automation and modularization of the trading decision-making process. At the same time, think tank launched intelligent exchange to select high-quality blockchain digital assets globally, and provide customers with safe, stable and convenient exchange services for blockchain assets, so as to reduce the transaction cost and time input of individual investors from the root.

In digital assets trading market, 80% of the market is the shock market, in most of the shock market, how to save the most time and energy through the way, through the simple low suction high cast profit?

As long as there is volatility, there will be benefits. Interval strategy trading is widely used in the stock market and produces various varieties. In the digital currency field of 24-hour real-time trading and arbitrary split, interval strategy trading has a larger application scenario. Interval strategy trading makes use of the mode of “tap” to carry out mechanical operation on the investment target. When it falls, it will buy in different grades, and when it rises, it will sell in different grades. Interval strategy trading does not rely on artificial thinking, but is completely a procedural behavior. Like fishing net, it USES the fluctuation range of the market to buy low and sell high, which can reasonably control the position, avoid chasing up and killing down, and has a strong ability to resist risks.

Interval strategy trading gains can enjoy a monthly profit of 5% to 30%. Members do not need additional investment, and the participation method is simple:

Register the exchange selected by yourself, covering mainstream virtual digital currencies such as hot coin, safe, ZB and XO bitcoins in the market

2. recharge the USDT you want to invest

3. Apply for the API interface of the exchange, click API management in turn, remark think tank, and select the transaction reading function. Note that the IP address does not need to be bound

4. Register a can solve the problem of speculation coin crowd long and short lines, free hands of software, think tank.

5. Log in the homepage of think tank account and click authorization to find the corresponding exchange authorization

6. Click to set up the robot, hover the trading area, open the robot, set the number of equivalent USDT of the exchange, plan and monitor the currency, select the trading strategy, tick the option of covering positions, officially start the robot, and open the mode of lying and earning

7. Return to the home page and click on the transaction, select our favorite currency, recommend the top 50 non-trumpet queries, select the transaction volume over 20 million per day, and set the corresponding monitoring currency selection.

Of course, think tanks have more than these, the current era of currency, still stay online trading era, can not achieve the organic combination of virtual and real. Based on a global perspective, the think tank launched IST financial token, aiming to make it an encrypted digital asset that can flow freely around the world, and build a payment platform between IST online merchants and consumers. Through the platform’s network, customers can make real-time peer-to-peer payments, transfer money and even make various financial investments without central organization and management. In the future, IST will provide comprehensive payment solution support for mobile and PC terminals. Merchants can use the think tank business platform to accept digital currency payment from users around the world at zero cost, truly realizing the seamless connection between virtual and reality.

IST TOKEN, or IST for short, is an encrypted digital currency issued by IST. The first phase will be generated on ethereum based on smart contracts. The second stage will be generated by itself and will be used as the only basic digital currency of IST public chain for settlement, trading and smart contracts. 

The foundation holds 20%, the operations team holds 60%, and the technical team holds 20%. According to the destruction mechanism launched by the think tank, the destruction process is transparent, guaranteeing the value of the currency, and finally burns to 20% of the total circulation (60 million) for market circulation.

IST will be used in the future to exchange or transfer different regions of multi-asset created by the underlying technology of blockchain. The project is mainly to establish a decentralized organizational structure and integrate some businesses of blockchain payment, which will enable users to conduct point-to-point transactions directly at this point. Instead of trading through institutions, users keep their private keys and will gain full asset advantage on the exchange.

DECP, the digital currency issued by China’s central bank, is here. Blockchain global wealth craze has come, still in doubt wake up! Blockchain is the poor man’s last chance to turn over!

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