Determined Mom Invents LiceHat to Provide Healthy, Effective, and Environmentally Friendly Treatment Option

LiceHat provides caregivers with alternative, cost-effective treatment option for headlice.

Amsterdam, NL – Determined mom and entrepreneur, Nicolette Mak, is pleased to announce she has invented a healthy, effective, and environmentally friendly treatment option for head lice. 

It’s not a popular topic, yet an estimated hundreds of millions of people worldwide get head lice every year – and treatments for these sesame-seed-sized parasites often require use of expensive, harsh chemicals.

This did not sit right with one mom who has taken matters into her own hands to offer a more affordable, healthier option to treat headlice – The LiceHat.

“My family, like many others, lives according to a budget, eats organically, and strives to live sustainably,” said Nicolette Mak, an entrepreneur, mother of two, and inventor of The LiceHat. “After another lice breakout at my kids’ school, I was disturbed to find the available cures were incredibly expensive and contained harmful chemicals. I knew there had to be a better way to handle the problem – and we found it!”

To help sustainably combat lice without breaking the bank, Mak developed the solution in her home kitchen alongside her 14-year-old daughter. The pair caught a few lice, went through their cupboards, and began experimenting with ways to kill them trying things like salty water, fish sauce, vodka and olive oil. After much trial and error, they found the answer they were looking for. They then moved on to the hat itself, trying everything from inner tubes from a bicycle tire to duct tape and plastic bags before developing the winning prototype.

“We spent a lot of time covered in tons of oil from our leaky prototypes, but it was worth it in the end,” laughed Mak. “The resulting cap is made of 100 percent natural latex that is reusable up to 10 times – and, as importantly, its healthy for us to use.”

Mak states that The LiceHat is suitable for both children and adults to use.  Mak is also quick to point out, however, that while childcare and elementary school outbreaks are one the most common ways lice are spread, the increasing popularity of selfies is not helping to limit occurrences.  To help reduce chances of getting and spreading lice, people should limit their head-to-head contact with others.

Mak and her daughter truly believe in being charitable to others around the world.  For every LiceHat sold, a child in Sri Lanka will receive a free LiceHat treatment.

The LiceHat comes in two sizes and is available for $24.50. Customers typically receive the product within three to six days of placing their order.

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