Iman Shafiei of Genius Wealth Secrets Shares How People Can Build a Fortune by Trading

Toronto, ON – November 05, 2019 – The guru Iman Shafiei of Genius Wealth Secrets is pleased to announce how he can help people to establish a retirement level fortune by simply learning how to trade. Ideal for people who wish to accomplish continuous performance from financial trading, Iman offers tips and tricks that will allow a person to trade effectively.

Genius Wealth Secrets is Ontario’s transparent and quality provider of financial trading class. They have trained a hundred people around the world to trade the foreign exchange and stock markets. One of the best things about Iman Shafiei Crypto is that he will support his clients at each stage of the way to make their trading work and move towards their financially free life.

Iman Shafiei Genius Wealth Secrets provides genuine, caring assistance to their students as they find their way in the realm of financial trading. They will breakdown investing and trading into simple to comprehend steps, allowing the trader to get on their way.

His mission is to present teaching programs that are made from the real, sustainable methods of trading to inform his students, customers, and other stakeholders about efficient and responsible trading. His education programs are motivated by principles to trade the markets responsibly, truthfully, and transparently.

More and more people are witnessing the progress after they enter the trading class offered by Iman. “Progressing through the course, it’s well put together and literally holds your hand as you learn. The aim is first not to lose any capital, and then to start making a profit trading. Learn by practice, not learn by losing – I like it! One of the best parts of the course is the weekly conference calls. If you have any questions, Iman and Rohit answer them in real-time,” said Peter Bernfield, a happy client of Iman.

For those individuals who are interested in how to run a recession-proof business they can use anywhere in the world, or inside the comfort of their own homes, they can watch Iman’s “3 Step Process I Use To Make Daily Passive Income a Recession-Proof Industry” case study at

About Genius Wealth Secrets

Genius Wealth Secrets is an online trading class owned and managed by Iman Shafiei. Iman is a guru who is striving to help people create a retirement level fortune through learning how to trade. He holds online web class teaching people the skills and strategies he uses to make five figures per month consistently. He has been teaching people trading for the last 4 years and has hundreds of successful students and case studies, which are shown inside his live presentation/webinar.

To learn more about Genius Wealth Secrets’ services, call Iman Shafiei at 1-779-545-2749 or send him an email at [email protected]. Visit the website at to book a consultation today.

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