There are early signs that Fight to Fame is getting into Gaming next

Crypto-Entertainment upstart Fight to Fame has been making a lot of announcements lately. With team members joining every day, and offices expanding around the globe, Fight to Fame shows no signs of slowing down any time soon. With so much news about the Reality TV Show circulating and the champion fighters who will be mentoring, many in the media have lost sight of another key element of the company: gaming.

According to mentions in prior announcements, as well as on their website, Fight to Fame plans to include some type of gaming component into their broader entertainment platform. This makes sense for the company who has its eye on totally reenvisioning the entertainment landscape from inception of a show all the way through to the latest Hollywood action blockbuster. With a business model centered — or, more accurately, decentralized — using blockchain technology, the team has a number of extensions it plans to execute outside of the heavily promoted Reality TV show. Brand integrations, gaming, and events have also been hinted at by the company in the last few months.

Specific to gaming, it seems obvious that the Fight to Fame team would explore this area. Highly popular in their target market, Esports and mobile gaming have continued to expand, with high growth areas being in regions like Asia — a key market for Fight to Fame. New statistics from September show that there are over 2.2 Billion mobile gamers around the world, and 557M Esports enthusiasts. For comparison, hugely popular mobile game Candy Crush generates “only” $1.1 million daily compared to the chart-topper Pokemon Go which rakes in $1.4 million in daily profits (sources 1, 2). Any company interested in revolutionizing entertainment, as Fight to Fame is, should be eyeing this booming market, especially with tie-ins to real world events, places, and moments which has made Pokemon Go a unique experience for players.

Fight to Fame has not shared any details around the gaming platforms (i.e. Mobile, PC, Console) supported by the potential project, but with mentions of mobile and Esports, it seems likely to be cross platform eventually. Additionally, it doesn’t seem like too far of a stretch that players would be able to make their own fighting avatar or play as one of their favorite fighters from the Reality TV show, and Champion Ambassadors like Chris Van Heerden and Roy Jones Jr. will be playable in the game. With a sharp team, it’ll be interesting to see how the game continues to develop — even though it has not been formally announced as a stand alone item.

When will we know more about the game? The answer is “it depends”. It seems like Fight to Fame is currently busy with casting fighters for their reality show, which you can apply for at next year. More information about other parts of the project are also available there, and if you know anything about the game, drop us a tip at EMAIL. 

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