After Thousands of Hours of Research, Hair Loss Geeks Aims to Find Solutions to Those Balding

After Thousands of Hours of Research, Hair Loss Geeks Aims to Find Solutions to Those Balding

Chicago, IL, USA – Hair Loss Geeks has recently hit the hair loss community by a storm. Pete, the founder of the blog, has set himself on a path to unravel the secrets of hair loss. Through trial and error, venturing through past case studies, and diving into scientific journals, the site looks to answer what products and treatments truly work when it comes to balding.

“I first began researching hair loss in my early 20’s. My father and my cousin had both gone bald by the age of 25, and I noticed it quickly happening to me as well. Eight years later, after trying everything that I could find, I still have a relatively full head of hair. Hair Loss Geeks was launched in 2019 to share my experiences with different products and to help others facing the same situation I once found myself in.” – Pete

Despite only launching in the past few months, the site has over 100 unique blog posts surrounded around products, treatments, and some fun posts about balding (such as “6 Bald Men Who’ve Shaped History”).

While Pete makes it clear that there is no a silver bullet to hair loss available on the market yet, there are many products that can still make a huge impact. When asked whether or not he’d ever consider a hair transplant, Pete said:

“I think that hair loss transplants can be a great option when nothing else seems to be working. It’s important to weigh out the pros and cons. Sometimes issues occur with the surgery, leaving less than desirable results. If there’s a way to keep your hair without facing that risk, it’s worth pursuing.”

Pete said his inspiration to the blog was not having access to anything like it 8 years ago. Hair Loss Geeks will continue posting about hair loss trends for the foreseeable future.

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