LaserCare Eye Center is one of the First Cataract Surgery Practices to Implant the Alcon PanOptix Trifocal Lens in Dallas

LaserCare Eye Center is one of the First Cataract Surgery Practices to Implant the Alcon PanOptix Trifocal Lens in Dallas

LaserCare Eye Center is one of the first Cataract Surgery practices to implant the Alcon PanOptix trifocal lens in Dallas. So, what is the PanOptix trifocal lens? Well, both patients and ophthalmologists have wanted a trifocal lens that could be implanted at the time of cataract surgery. The ideal trifocal lens would correct vision at a near, intermediate, and far distance for the enormous breadth of spectacle free vision.

What’s even better is that Dr. Gicheru has seen this lens internationally and has been waiting for it for five years. Finally, this year, 2019, the FDA approved the Alcon AcrySof IQ PanOptix trifocal intraocular lens. According to the LaserCare Eye Center, it is the first and only FDA-approved trifocal lens.

According to LaserCare Eye Center, when it comes to other commercially available lenses, there are two non-ideal workarounds:

Use an EDOF lens in both eyes and intentionally leave one eye slightly myopic: the problem is the myopic eye is blurred for far distance.

Mix and match lenses using an intermediate-biased lens in one eye and a near-biased eye in the other eye: the problem is 1st eye has trouble with near, and the 2nd eye has trouble with intermediate distance.

That is why LaserCare Eye Center is so excited to announce that they are one of the first Cataract surgeons to offer the Alcon PanOptix trifocal lens. They are available today at LaserCare Eye Center. Over the years, there have been vast improvements, some have been small and incremental. However, today, LaserCare Eye Center could not be happier to have the PanOptix trifocal lens, which offers near, intermediate and far distance in each eye. At LaserCare Eye Center, the PanOptix lens offers patients a lens that does not need you relying on your glasses anymore, so you have complete freedom.

LaserCare Eye Center states that the PanOptix lens is new to the US and that it is part of the Alcon AcrySof lens platform, which has been implanted in over 120 million patients worldwide. To give you even more information and reassurance if you have not heard much about the PanOptix, it is that has been available in Europe, Asia, and the rest of the world for over three years.

Now, many people have wondered and asked what the advantage of the PanOptix in comparison to AMO Technis Symfony is. Well, the Alcon PanOptix became the first trifocal intraocular lens (IOL) to be FDA approved in the US this year. It corrects your vision at near, intermediate, and far distance.

On the other hand, the Symfony is not a trifocal lens. It is an EDOF lens that has been available in the US recently. EDOF lenses provide far and intermediate distance vision, but not optimal near vision. Sometimes, the doctor will leave one eye slightly myopic to provide better reading vision, but this results in reduced distance vision in that eye. Then in other cases, the surgeon will mix and match with an older generation lens that is more near-biased.

Contact LaserCare Eye Center today if you are looking to book cataract surgery in Dallas. During the operation, you would also have the option of the Alcon PanOptix trifocal lens implanted at the same time. You can ring them on 214-574-9600, or you can email the Devin at [email protected]


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