Jason Roe shows his Harvard Disruptive Strategy Certification. Roe in his late teen years, a McDonald’s Manager subscribes and lives by McDonald’s Ray Krocs idea “As long as you’re green, you’re growing. As soon as you’re ripe, you start to rot”. Roe says “We must always stay green and never claim to know all the solutions”.
Non Fictional author, CEO, and mentor to students at world rank university UCL Jason Roe, known for his differentiated approach to business, and innovative disruption. Roe suggest, Einstein theories may not be true. “I don’t see any inventions in the world with Einstein on them. Nikola Tesla, he invented WiFi, and alternating current seen in the modern day world. Nikola Tesla was alive in Einsteins time, he constantly refuted and questioned the validity of Einsteins theory, as do I,” says Roe.

Innovative coffee company Best Roast Coffee (BRC), with its magnetizing quantum water, strives to offer its customers a differentiated product. BRC’s performance-defining blend of organic coffee beans delivers a truly unique and smooth coffee experience. CEO Jason Roe credits his Harvard professor, Clayton Christensen, of inspiring him to look through the right lens, causality one of Roe’s favorite, he likes to look through before making a decision. Roe, certified in Harvard Disruptive study says, “The key thing around disruption is making people think. Disruption is going to be more prevalent in the next 10 years, than it has been in past 10 years. The most disruptive ideas, are those that don’t come from what most people are looking at every day. The lens of causality, what cause the consumers decision to invest in something, and make their purchase.” Best Roast Coffee’s business model through the causality lens, creates a solution for retailers by not selling its individual coffee beans for home use.This strategy, compels retail customers to return to the stores to experience the coffee; it’s a driver of retail foot traffic.”

Roe then goes on to explain, “I did my disruptive strategy final paper for Harvard on the “Jobs to be Done” theory and leveraged things such as disruption through innovation, and causality. Retailers should be seeking to sell consumers services or products they cannot get online. that would seem disruptive to the online sector”  Roe, in 2015 was also the teacher of innovative disruption, at one of the highest ranked universities in the world, UCL. Roe, agreed to be the real life CEO mentor to a group of UCL students for their MCs program, Roe says, “I liked the idea when I read the UCL website says, disruptive thinking since 1826, the kind of university education I support innovation and research as UCL is known for”.   

Innovative thinkers Jason Roe and Richard Branson 2016 in Denver Colorado

In 2016, Roe had the confidence to question Einstein’s theory of relativity, E=MC2 in the last chapter of his ebook, “The Force is In You” which is published in 80 countries under his pen name Ethan Carter. The final chapter of the ebook raises a key point, the role consciousness plays, in compelling something to be perceived the way it is. In 2019, it is now being discovered  by CERN that may not be equal to MC2, as Roe claimed years earlier in his book. Roe says,  “As a human looking in a mirror, we are only seeing a physical portion of ourselves, think of this each morning, the larger portion is as visible to the eye as air or gravity is, but it truly exists as much as we believe gravity and the air does so believe it of yourself”.  Roe’s book discusses  the Magnetic field of the planet and Consciousness as field, a powerful force like gravity, and invisible, but it exists,  and Roe argues  that is what we need to study now how does it all work.”  

The lens Roe looks at the world through sets his innovations years ahead of his competitors. A parallel comparison to Roe’s thinking may be found in the 1928 scientist, Paul Dirac. Dirac was known amongst his colleagues for his precise and taciturn nature. Wikipedia references that Dirac colleagues in Cambridge jokingly defined a unit called a “Dirac”, which was one word per hour. Dirac’s ideas were slow to form, some considered nonsense at first, and even questioned by Mr. Dirac himself. Dirac once proposed that double the number of known particles in the world exists. The proposal, double the world exists,  might be considered by scientists in the era as crazy, like Roe’s proposal E does not equal MC2. However, by around 1934, Dirac proved his theory of a thing called “anti matter” and published the discovery of the discovery of anti matter.

This discovery did literally lead quantum science viewing the world as double (the particles) compared to what was understood prior to Dirac’s breakthrough disruption, to the science community. Roe, in his 2016 book, was bold enough to write his belief, regardless of how crazy it may be. Roe argued in 2016, that consciousness is the only thing creating the reality of E being equal to MC2. In 2018, when the largest hadron particle collider in the world, CERN  later provided evidence that E may now not be equal MC2, the science community can now see it. Roe says “now science can undo the hypnotic stream of conscious causing their belief of it”.  Dirac caused controversy too when he inferred to the scientific community that the golden age of physics has come and gone, and all of you are too late. Dirac’s discoveries were instrumental in unifying  physics into the new emerging science field in the 1930’s, quantum mechanics. 

Roe with AZ Governor Ducey, 2019 discussing Roe’s vision of brining Magnetized Water manufacturing to Arizona

Roe argues that there exists another parallel today too; “People are thinking of the next big app and the next big technology innovation, when in fact the era of apps and technology, as we know it, is now old news. I can relate to how Dirac felt”, says Roe. “I don’t subscribe to current thought, at my core, I truly believe that the golden age of apps and technology as we know it has finally passed. Company leaders should be learning to perceiving the field, and how the field perhaps an advanced technology we can’t yet conceive of how it works, not looking back at apps and technology. The the fact is we cant see it, only because we have not yet discovered “how to” see it, however there is all-seeing evidence of consumer spending and behavior. Look around you at the shift in thinking and consciousness. Who would have guessed Impossible Burgers would become so popular.  There are more possibilities available in each moment than we realize. The question is: how can we realize the possibilities if we’re all looking down at our phones?”. 

When asked Roe the question how he has learned to perceive the field? Re answers “I was lucky to be the 5th child of six, so I learnt to get along, and patients at a very early age. To learn to perceive the field behind it all, I slow down and breathe. Then, from a place of inner stillness I can perceive the silence and connect to the feeling within myself when I have an idea, if it feels right i follow the feeling.”  The field is playing its role, now more than ever since neuroscience is making us become aware of so much today supporting Roe’s theory. Roe claims its known we have a large neural network inside, but it could be that were all walking though a large neural network every day an outward creation we all on the planet manifested from the neurons (the dream and vision) within.

Best Roast Coffee’s newest innovations are on the trajectory towards this. According to Roe, “We already did the super coffee trends your seeing today by adding collagen to coffee back in retail in 2015 and 2016”.  In February 2016,  when a publicly listed large-scale retailer first tried BRC specialty coffee at one of its Los Angeles locations,  the following weeks its CEO included references to specialty coffee  as part of its new Deli offerings in an earnings call communication to its investors and shareholders.  Roe says, “When I heard the public company CEO announcement of specialty coffee as part of the new deli offerings and intention to implement it in 70% of new stores, within 15 days following that announcement,  Best Roast Coffee received an email advising 30 purchase orders as part of the company’s new deli offerings. Prior to that, the public company procured a common brand coffee and one-step espresso unity. Roe says, “The BRC model introduced the two-step espresso equipment and magnetized water to the retail. Magnetized Earth Water is an exclusive process to the BRC coffee program to deliver a smooth coffee.”

CEO Best Roast Coffee, Jason Roe outside his Los Angeles Coffee shop IMC. Twice winner of Los Angeles Best Coffee. The shop featured in the Hollywood Movie “
A Kind of Magic“.   

Roe says, “It is the retailers that embrace health, global consciousness, and innovation that BRC seeks to align with. “Best Roast Coffee has the wisdom to look through the lens of thinking different,” says Roe. “As a company, we are not interested in selling coffee beans to consumers, so we don’t, just like KFC is not interested in selling its raw, un-breaded chicken. BRC is driven by delivering the made-to-order coffee experience and the feeling behind enjoying it – the fields all around us may be technology we have not learnt to see or how it works, but I believe it is a very advanced technology at play the people that can understand that will own the future.

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