Former drug addict and ex-prisoner gives hope through free book based on Native American Wisdom

Speaker, author, and teacher, Andrew Ecker, shares his transformational journey through the ashes of childhood trauma to finding his personal voice and medicine through his new book ‘The Sacred 7’

Author Andrew Ecker is most known in his community as a drum circle facilitator that specializes in wellness. Andrew has worked in hundreds of hospitals, sharing the gift of healing through music. His accomplished career is one of working with tens of thousands of youth, adults, and elders, sharing music, healing and building community. His service is founded in a powerful tool of self-Identity built on the ceremonial introduction process of his Native American ancestral culture that he eloquently outlines in his book.

The Apache process of introducing oneself is a powerful tool of spiritual self-fortification, energetic manifestation and displacement; it means recognizing one’s family structure, the ancestors that fortified your existence are present in each introduction. It means coming to grips with who you are and where you come from and stepping into the fullness of your identity, your incarnation, your healing and ultimately into your medicine. For Andrew, this means being reminded of the past trauma, generational drug addiction, and incarceration. It means remembering the years living under the Ronald Reagan and Bill Clinton crime policies that led to the destruction of his parents and his family.

For Andrew, like many others that have been held captive by generational trauma and in turn built an identification around that trauma, the road was long and winding. It wasn’t until he found the process of ‘The Sacred 7’ that he found sovereignty. He has been able to outline an ancient system of clarity to the deep questions of “who am I?”. This timeless process is just as meaningful today as it was at the dawn of cultural identity.

This book, ‘The Sacred 7,’ outlines a pathway to freedom and sovereignty. A road map to self. The severe social and spiritual issues faced today come back to a fundamental void inside of the way people interact in this world with themselves and others. These issues can be solved when a clear and concise look is taken of oneself. This is the basis of the journey that ‘The Sacred 7 takes the reader on.

Andrew’s hope is that it will help many of the millions of people suffering around the globe from addiction, incarceration, post-traumatic stress, mental illness and thoughts of suicide. To help get this healing process out there, Andrew is giving the book free in PDF on his website to those that would find comfort and strength in his story. Andrew Ecker also offers through his website a signed hard copy of the book with personal message, as well as 7 Guided Imagery Meditations, Inspired Sounds of Native American Flute, Gongs, Chimes, Drum and Integrative Life Coaching Sessions. All found at or find the book on Amazon, ‘The Sacred 7’.

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About Andrew Ecker

Andrew Ecker is the child of  Kathy Lindsey and Dale Ecker the grandchild of Elva Gallegos an Apache woman from New Mexico, Evelyn Beatty and Irish woman from Pennsylvania, Leroy Lindsey and Apache Man from Arkansas and Wayne Ecker German and Algonquin from Pennsylvania . Andrew has risen from the ashes of childhood trauma to find the medicine of his Sacred 7. He uses this medicine in service to community each day in Phoenix, AZ with his beloved fiance by his side. Andrew does healing work with the drum in psychiatric lock-downs, memory cares, cancer treatment centers, drug rehabilitation centers, and bereavement groups, among many others. He is a speaker, author, drum circle facilitator, musician, sound healer, teacher, community bridge, artist, father, fiance, brother, son, cousin, and friend.

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