Overexertion and Falling are Two of the Top Causes for Injuries on the Job

Overexertion and Falling are Two of the Top Causes for Injuries on the Job

No matter what type of workplace it is, injuries are possible. Today, the most common types of injuries sustained by workers are overexertion and falling. These can happen in just about any workplace and the resulting injuries can be life-threatening. For workers injured on the job, obtaining a lawyer to get help requesting compensation may be necessary.

How Overexertion Causes Injuries

There are a few ways overexertion can occur in the workplace. It may happen when a worker is injured because they were told to do a job, they could do, like lifting heavy objects. It can also occur because of repetitive movements or working in an awkward position. Lawyers like those at https://guylevylaw.com/ have seen several overexertion cases that led to serious injuries for their clients.

How Falling Causes Injuries

Falling can occur when someone trips, slips or loses their balance. In 2016, more than 48,000 workers were injured due to falls in their workplace. This includes falls in construction, manufacturing, retail, business services, education, and governmental jobs. Falls do not have to be from a high level to cause serious injuries, and they can happen just about anywhere.

The Severity of Injuries Sustained

Lawyers like those at Guy Levy Law have helped numerous clients who have sustained serious or permanent injuries due to overexertion or falling. Some injuries can be relatively minor and only require a few days of recovery, but workers can sustain injuries that leave them permanently disabled and unable to work again. Even tripping and falling to the floor can cause severe injuries if the person hits their head or breaks a bone because of the fall.

Time off Work for Recovery

Many of those who are injured on the job will need to take time to recover. The amount of time needed for recovery will vary based on the type and severity of the injury. The injured person should speak with a physician to ensure they know how long they will need to recover. Going back to work before the recovery period is over could lead to further injuries.

Obtaining Compensation for Recovery

Those who are injured on the job may be entitled to compensation for their injuries. This allows them to receive money to cover medical and related expenses as well as to cover their lost wages during the recovery period. Those who want to look into obtaining compensation can visit a website like https://guylevylaw.com/contact/ now.

If you’ve been injured on the job, whether it’s because of overexertion, falling, or another cause, take the time needed to recover fully before going back to work. To get help obtaining compensation for the injuries and the time away from work, speak with a lawyer today.

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