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Websites are the usual targets of hackers who want to vandalize virtual properties, or worst, use the site to steal customer’s information. If you’ve been on the internet long enough, you’ve seen those hacked sites. There are the obvious defacements where cybercriminals replace the site’s logos and images with their own. There are the sites with intrusive pop-ups making visitors accidentally click and download malware. Some have malvertising or questionable ads on scandals, cure-alls, and other inappropriate out-of-place content. The worst of the lot are sites infected with phishing kits: links that redirect to spoofed sites such as ones that look like banking sites that try to trick customers into handing over their sensitive information. The last thing that a website owner wants is to lose credibility because his web hosting service is unable to secure his website.
But site owners can rest easier because of is a web hosting solutions provider that promises better security and reliability on all its hosting services. From their entry-level blog hosting service platform to their premium cloud-hosting services, and even the physical provisions of their colocation hosting services, all their service offerings are based on a robust infrastructure that comes with a blanket of class-leading security measures. regularly sweeps its system for potential infection using a combination of high-level security software which reduces the chance of a security breach even with its shared hosting services. also provides other security and reliability measures like firewall protection, malware scanning, file access restrictions, and back-up provisions to get your site up-and-running the soonest even when disaster hits. On the other hand,’s colocation services are in a location with round-the-clock state-of-the-art security and physical back-ups for power and network.
The biggest security measure that offers is education for its clients. Since many clients prefer a level of autonomy in managing their sites, can provide information on what measures clients should do to further protect their websites.

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