X-Pest Launches a New Indoor Electronic Mouse Repellent Product to Expand Their Humane Mouse Trap Range

X-Pest Launches a New Indoor Electronic Mouse Repellent Product to Expand Their Humane Mouse Trap Range

Shenzhen, China – Dealing with pests either in the home or at the office presents several health and safety risks. In fact, pests have been known to have a damaging effect on buildings and properties. Focusing on humane ways to help property owners deal with pests, X-Pest has released a wide range of products which have been designed to humanely get rid of pests in the home or anywhere. As part of their constant move to satisfy customers, the company is proud to announce the launch of their new product, the Indoor Ultrasonic Rodent Repellent.

The newly launched product has been designed so that it takes into account the need to keep the home and office space pest-free, while also ensuring that these pests are repelled in the most humane way possible. Striking a balance between human and animal welfare, the Indoor Ultrasonic Rodent Repellent is designed to serve as an effective control measure for rats, mice, roaches of all kinds, fleas, crickets, ants and most other common pests.

The newly launched product consists of a transmitter and dual ultrasonic speakers that emit stable ultrasonic sounds at a frequency of between 23.5 – 24.5 kHz. The product also emits variable ultrasonic sound at a frequency of 22 to 33 kHz, enabling it to effectively control these unwanted animals.

To make its operation easier and smoother for users, the designers of the newly launched rodent repellent product have equipped it with a 4-function switch. The four-function switch contains:

  • A test which gives off the test tone, simulates buzzing and can be used to test whether the product works or not.

  • Ultra: which emits the variable ultrasonic sound frequency of 22 to 33 kHz.

  • Trans: which emits a stable ultrasonic sound frequency of 23.5 to 24.5 kHz. The intensity of the sound frequency can also be adjusted.

  • DUO: which allows the product to shuffle between the variable and the stable ultrasonic modes.

Describing the idea behind the new product’s design and launch, the spokesperson for X-Pest, Steven Liu said, “In today’s world, pest control is no longer limited to lethal traps and poisons. Responsible consumers and businesses seek safer, sustainable methods – while still demanding effective results. All X-PEST pest control products are safe, humane, and eco-friendly. From electronic devices to 100% organic repellent compounds, our animal repellent solutions keep pests away from homes and businesses without harming the animals or the environment.”

With over 10 years in OEM & ODM, manufacturing products for some of the Worlds largest consumer pest control brands, X-Pest supplies its B2B customers with a wide variety of pest deterrent and repellent products including the electric mouse trap, electronic rat killer, and all types of humane rat/mouse traps.

More information is available at https://www.x-pest.com/product-categories/rodent-trap/.

Products are also offered for both indoor and outdoor use. Their outdoor pest control products include ultrasonic animal repeller, ultrasonic mole repeller, ultrasonic snake repeller, underhood animal repeller, solar wasp traps, solar bug zappers and others. Their indoor pest control products also include all types of rodent traps and deterrents, with the full specifications accessible via their website at https://www.x-pest.com/product/mouse-deterrent/.

If you run an Ecommerce store, supply consumers via Amazon FBA or run a pest control firm in need of bulk and wholesale manufacturing of the latest humane pest control products, you can call X-Pest at +86 755 29185819 for inquiries, or visit them at4th Floor, Building B, Xinghong Tech Park, No.111 Shuiku Road, Xixiang Town, Bao’an District, Shenzhen, China. For more information, send an email to [email protected] or visit their website. 

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