Chengdu Creativity & Design Week: To Discover the World with Inspirations From Creative Chengdu

On November 8, the 6th Chengdu Creativity & Design Week, sponsored by Chengdu Municipal People’s Government and hosted by Chengdu Municipal Bureau of Culture, Radio, Film and Tourism, opened at Century City International Convention and Exhibition Center. More than 30 countries and regions, including Germany, Britain, Finland, America, Italy and the Netherlands, as well as Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan have participated in the activities of this Design Week. 

It is reported that the Design Week will last till November 11, during which three major activities will be held, namely, Golden Panda Tianfu Creative Design Award, Chengdu Creative Design Industry Exhibition, iF Chengdu Creative Design Forum.  Meanwhile, other activities will also be organized, such as “Tour in Trendy Chengdu”, Meeting to Invite Investments and Golden Panda Creativity Talents Training 2019.


Creative Designs for Chengdu: Winners of Golden Panda Tianfu Creative Design Award 2019

The Golden Panda Tianfu Creative Design Award has become a brand award in China’s creative design industry after 6 years of building and it is moving towards the international stage. On the morning of November 8, winners of the Golden Panda Tianfu Creative Design Award 2019 were announced.

The Creative Design Award has collected 4,200 creative designs from all over the world. After two rounds of evaluations by 30 experts from China and abroad, 4 gold medals, 15 silver medals, 25 bronze medals and 49 finalists were selected, covering the five categories of the Award, namely, Industrial Creative Design, Space Creative Design, Cultural And Tourism Creative Design, Digital Creative Design And Fashion Creative Design. Furthermore, 21 excellent designs and 42 finalists of Concept Award and 8 awards of “Tianfu Memory·Chengdu Gift”were presented. “Tianfu Memory·Chengdu Gift” is a special award established for this Design Week. It aims at realizing integration of different disciplines and industries and making creative designs serve for urban development through connections with local creative design industry and commercial development resulting from designs.

Characteristics and fashion elements of Chengdu stand out in the Design Award. Anren Linpan Project, a winner of the Space Creative Design, relying on the existing linpan resources, and on the basis of protecting and optimizing the existing space and resources, creates the first immersion Linpan park of bamboo culture by triggering new functions of linpan, establishing a new system of linpan transportation, and shaping the new image of Anren Linpan. “Millstone-like Incense Burner”, a winner of Culture and Tourism Creative Design attracts the attention of both the review committee and audiences with its simple and modern lines and colors. “INFINITE”, a winner of Fashion Creative Design, combines Chinese bamboo weaving craft and embodies dialogue between the tradition and modernity.

“This year’s achievements in industrial design are obviously greater that that of last year. First, it has collected more designs. Second, the quality of the designs have been improved. Moreover, outstanding works have appeared in some key fields that are related to the pillar industries of China and to the urgent needs of national economic growth.” Liu Guanzhong, chairman of the review committee said. At the same time, he also told that he was very happy to see the Design Award has reflected that “China’s design has begun to enter the main field, which implies that our country’s design has embarked on a path of healthy development”.

To Be Creative in Chengdu: Chengdu Is Favored by Global Creative Design Industry

Since its establishment in 2014, Chengdu Creativity & Design Week has taken exhibitions as the platform and window to continuously promote the integration of creative design and urban economic development, and has taken creativity to stimulate the vitality of Chengdu’s economic development. The 6th Chengdu Creative Design Industry Exhibition, one of the three major activities of this Design Week, will be held at the No. 2-5 halls of the Center. Four exhibition halls are set up, namely, the Industrial Creative Design (International) Hall, Fashion (Life) Creative Design Hall, Cultural and Tourism Creative Design Hall, and Digital Creative Design Hall. 

The Design Week has brought the original creative designs from across the wold to Chengdu and presented them in”The Belt and Road” International Pavilion. Visitors can see AI products by Dell, enjoy the light and shadow show from Belgium, appreciate arts from Bulgaria, Jordan, Russia, Poland, etc. Starting from 2017, Chengdu Creative Design Week begins to set up “The Belt and Road” International Pavilion, which has become one of the highlights of the annual activities. This year, 24 countries have had their exhibitions in the pavilion, including Britain, France, Nepal, Poland, Serbia, etc., 41% more that the previous year, reaching the peak of all design weeks.

Architectural Association School of Architecture (AA), the oldest independent school of architecture in the UK and one of the most prestigious and competitive in the world, has set up an oversized booth at the Center to display its classic architectural designs.

More than 50 well-known IPs from China and abroad have gathered in the Tianfu Good Copyright Exhibition Area, such as Kendal Mountain Festival from Britain, Andy Warhol, a leading figure in the visual art movement known as pop art, Lamborghini, Kumamon from Japan, Larva from South Korea, “Alifish” from Alibaba Group, Mahua Fun Age. They helps to create an immersive experience of creativity and fashion IP authorization. In addition, Tianfu Good Copyright Exhibition Area will hold on-site matchmaking meetings for professional buyers and brands at home and abroad, with an estimated signing value of more than 100 million yuan.

Creative New Fashion: To Experience An Aesthetic Lifestyle Named Chengdu” in Different Ways

More and more world-renowned creative design IPs have taken part the Design Week, which also makes this activity “perceivable, readable, appreciative, participatory and consumable”.

Larva, which has been watched online by more than 50 billion people, specially creates a short video for the Design Week. What are the “Chengdu characteristics” that Larva have paid attention to? And what have they experienced in Chengdu? The answers lie in the Design Week.

Sway X, a Chengdu musician living in Los Angeles, and John D Norten, a music engineer who has worked with Lady Gaga, Beyonce, Backstreet Boys, Black Eyed Peas and others, have co-produced a song” named Chengdu to celebrate the opening of the Design Week. In 2018, Sway X participated in the Design Week with friends and got new ideas and thoughts for his music. He will also introduce Shu Mountain, HOT and San Que Yi and other musical works full of Sichuan characteristics.

To experience the charm of Chengdu music, it is a good choice to join in the Greenway Poetry Music Festival of “Tour in Trendy Chengdu”. On the afternoon of November 9, a feast of poetry and music will be brought to visitors at Guixi Park, a new way of experiencing poetic and green Chengdu.

During the Design Week, Chengdu fashion will also show its special glamour. 30 Chengdu enterprises, covering the fields of furniture and household item, clothing, consumer electronics, fine arts and crafts will focus on displaying the cultural beauty, fashion beauty, living beauty and industrial beauty of “Chengdu-made” consumer goods.

Focus on the Young: Trendy Elements Pour In

During the Design Week, Bing Dwen Dwen, the official mascot of the 2022 Winter Olympics, and Shuey Rhon Rhon, the official mascot of the 2022 Winter Paralympics, will make their debut in Southwest China.

Original drawings and manuscripts of Ne Zha, the most popular animated film across China in 2019, are exhibited during the Design Week. L²Studio, creator of God Troubles Me, a popular anime series across China in 2019, met their fans at the Center. The Design Week has also joined hands with a local organization of Han costume lovers to build a hall to display original designs of Han costume, so as to make young people who embrace traditional culture feel the charm of the Chinese fashion.

On November 9, the iF Chengdu Creative Design Forum will take “Next” as the theme and discuss “creative city”, “creative lving trends” and “creative living industry and trends” from the perspectives of cross-industry and cross-disciplinary. The discussions aim at leading people to use creative designs to deconstruct the future. From November 8 to 11, a cultural and creative night market will also be held at Guixi Park. On November 10, an activity for Chinese and foreign tourist will be held at Jincheng Lake Park to tour in Chengdu by bicycles. 

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