Benchmarking “Shell”, Built NHU’s Distinctive HSE Management System

Safe and green production is NHU’s relentless pursuit. To further close to that goal, NHU started HSE work management promotion project on July 2,2019. in hope of improving HSE management performance and asset management level, integrating HSE management with international advanced enterprises and striding forward to the goal of “The World’s NHU”.

Before starting the HSE work, general manager of Shell in China, Zhou Xingchen, led the joint assessment team through a month of the HSE system present situation research to apply Shell’s advanced evaluation tool to access HSE system present situation in the base in Xinchang, Shangyu, Shandong, etc. It formed a detailed assessment report by extensive research and analysis, providing the basis for the next step of the HSE’s management improvement project.

In order to better deepen the understanding of HSE system investigation report and promote the construction of HSE system more specifically, “HSE system status investigation report” and “safety leadership training” were held in the lecture hall, and the NHU’s leadership made the following suggestions:

First, recognize the difference and make up the short version, learn from benchmarking with an open mind, establish and strengthen NHU’s safety management rules and safety culture system to make the HSE management system one of NHU’s core competitiveness. In addition, cultivating management talents to create a talent highland is essential.

Besides, we should use the feedback from the pilot to improve plan and pay attention to the differences between different bases, analyze the specific problems, and try to make up for the shortcomings.

Third, in the process of promotion, make more efforts to ensure the amount of resources imputed and integrate the daily key work of safety management into the system promotion work. The company hopes to build NHU’s cultural HSE management system by means of the advanced safety management tools of Shell so as to provide guarantee for the sustainable, healthy and high-quality development of the company.

At last, strengthen the sense of urgency and responsibility of work, benchmark Shell, analyze the reasons and find solutions.

In modern society, enterprise should not only focus on profit, but also on social welfare, human rights, environmental protection and other aspects. While developing itself, NHU adheres to the principle of “creating wealth, achieving employees and repaying the society”. We are committed to safe production, green production and striving for the better life of human beings. NHU launched HSE management improvement project precisely for the sake of safety, green production and form the NHU HSE management system with cultural characteristics to better build “The World’s NHU”.

Therefore, all employees of NHU shall make joint efforts, attach great importance to HSE system, with high confidence and determination to improve safety management level, achieve safe and green production, better take social responsibility and develop our own management system.

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