PEN Media Inc. Launches A News Site With Stories That Americans Want To Read

The new media site bringing people stories that the mainstream media doesn’t want to cover.

In the United States, freedom of speech and expression is strongly protected from government restrictions by the First Amendment to the United States Constitution. That amendment is, in turn, supported by the many state and federal courts that rule against censorship and uphold the freedom that Americans hold so dear. However, true freedom of speech, and especially press, are not merely subject to the pressures of the law. Many mainstream publications are very careful what they print, and with that selectiveness, fail to put their readers first. That stops now, thanks to PEN Media Inc. who have stepped up to provide ground-breaking news.

PEN Media Inc. is a new breed of news outlet. They put their readers first and bring their readers news that they want to read, without any interference. The stories that are published on the PEN Media site are stories that other publications may be too worried to publish due to the constraints they have in place. They cover politics, news, entertainment, and provide their honest opinion on things that matter.

With the number of people who read printed newspapers declining, as well as the number of publications that rely on advertising closing, printed media sources are now very careful about what they do and don’t print, out of fear of losing advertising revenue. From 2004 to 2018, over 2,000 newspapers from both rural and metropolitan areas ceased publication, and businesses and politicians know they can use this knowledge to stop stories from being printed.

Politicians like to try and force the media to only print positive news, news that will benefit them instead of the news that the reader will want to know and should know. Businesses can operate in the same manner, as they may leverage their purchase of advertising space as a way to block an important story – one that would benefit the reader. It doesn’t stop there, either. Celebrities can also prevent important stories from being told, either by refusing to interview with certain publications or by influencing their fans to reject the publication, if they see something they dislike. This interference means that the American people could be missing out on tens of thousands of news stories each year. PEN Media doesn’t publish stories at the whim of the rich and powerful – they publish stories for the people.

PEN Media Inc. does not rely on advertising space, and they are not affiliated with any media buying service. This means they can publish what they want and when they want. The new media site – growing quickly in audience and popularity – focuses on the truth, rather than on the constraints that other media outlets may run into. They will never let fear rule their decision to publish a story.

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