Taiwantrade: The Ideal Trading Resource for International Healthcare Industry Buyers

Taiwan’s biomedical and health care industries have experienced significant growth in recent years. The Ministry of Economic Affairs reports that the industry’s targets for 2025 include a production value of more than US$30 billion. Biomedical and health care companies are expanding and continue to excel in research and development. The biomedical market is experiencing growth worldwide and is expected to continue this upward trend. 

Taiwan is home to a multitude of award-winning companies in the biomedical and health care industries. Many of them have been recognized for their contributions to the industry and the excellence of their products. Gaining access to these products and their producers is made simple through Taiwantrade.com, a B2B website that provides a database of more than 70,000 suppliers and more than 600,000 products. It also includes iDealEZ, the first B2B sample order e-commerce website in Taiwan.

TCI, a company built on “Trust,” “Creation” and “Intelligence,” boasts “S-grade” facilities, which focus on “Safety, Standards and Speed.” They aim to meet consumer needs through a range of health care products, including dietary supplements, health drinks, facial masks and other skincare products. 

Apexbio strives for innovation and quality, and their contributions to the health care industry have been recognized with numerous awards, including the 1st Taiwan Mittelstand Award. Products such as Glucosure and a range of other blood monitoring devices have improved patient self-testing capabilities and point of care diagnostics.

Nan Liu Enterprise specializes in nonwoven fabrics and works to ensure the quality of their products is top of the line. Their nonwoven fabrics are used for a range of products including facial masks, surgical gowns and wet wipes.

INTAI stringently monitors the entire production cycle to ensure excellence in their products. Their range of medical devices include components for endoscopic minimally invasive surgery, breast biopsy devices and other disposable and reusable devices.

Taiwan Biotech works to maintain state-of-the-art facilities to produce the highest quality products possible. They have multiple product lines spanning a wide range of products. Most notably are their cardiovascular agents, which range from antihypertensive drugs to antiarrythmic agents to anticoagluents among others.

Grape King Bio strives to be at the top of health food manufacturers in the biotech industry. The base ingredients for many of their products find their origin in Chinese medicinal plants and are meticulously cultivated for production.

The products of these award-winning companies can be accessed by international buyers through Taiwantrade.com, which is organized by The Bureau of Foreign Trade (BOFT) and the Taiwan External Trade Development Council (TAITRA). Browse products and connect with suppliers quickly and easily with Taiwantrade’s customized sourcing service, which includes supplier recommendations and online video conferencing. The latest information on the industry in Taiwan can be found in the Taiwantrade News Center.

In order to assist Taiwanese companies with global expansion, Taiwantrade not only provides member-specific e-commerce platform services, but also cooperates with internationally renowned e-commerce platforms, such as Amazon and eBay, and digital giants, such as Google and Facebook, to promote talent training and counseling internationally. Taiwantrade also provides news updates, online payments, and other services to create a unique and complete e-commerce ecosystem for companies to build their business networks.

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