Giving Lights to Million’s Youth and Future Generation Parasmal Pukhraj Raichand Punmiya Is Founder of Being Human Global & Founder of Wikitalkpedia

Parasmal Pukraj Raichand Punmiya – A partner of Pawanbai Punmiya and a son of Great Pukhraj Raichand Punmiya & Ram-pyari bai Punmiya.

Parasmal Pukraj Raichand Punmiya lost his mom at Early 20’s and Later He Learned Lesson of Life – Acceptance of Truth – He also Believe in – small things – he said every Small things later turn in to big Achievement.

Later stage of life He Opened a Charity named Being Human Global and Being Childrens’ and Wikitalkpedia – which give platform to young and youth generation to come forward and speak.

In his Retirement age – He Hand over the NGO to upcoming youth generation – to Jay and Sunita Chopra – California resident, Mamta Sanjay Gungliya – Pune, Vikram jain – Nigdi Pune, Sanjay Gungliya – Pune. Kirti Jain Dehuroad Pune, Naina Jain Nigdi Pune Aswini Jain Nigdi Pune, Megha jain Pune, Aayush Jain Nigdi Pune, Palak Jain Nigdi Pune, Juhi Jain Pune, Jay Jain Pune, Kashish Jain Nigdi, Kaaya Jain Nigdi, Rinkesh Jain Nigdi Pune.

Parasmal Punmiya Giving Thanks To All our Youth Generation and Entire Team Member’s and Encouraging to All Youngster to come forward and Help Us.

Parasmal Punmiya was Diamond merchant and Gold Dealer – In his Retirement he not only donate all fund to charity but also helping and giving lights to youth and making many life.

Looking Forward to Meet All our Youth to come Forward and Meet Every Evening at Aayush Collection 238 Main Bazaar Dehuroad Pune with your Ideas too.

Parasmal Pukhraj Raichand Punmiya – giving the direction with many – advices and also guide us with Jainism and ancient Indian Culture.

Pawanbai Punmiya mostly taught us about Jainism – she is Jain Guru and Daughter of Great Vaktawar mal Jogawat and Takhto Bai Jogawat – Pawanbai Punmiya a partner of Parasmal Pukraj Raichand Punmiya is teaching Jainism and Panch Pratikraman and Nav Smaran and comlete sloka’s and mantra’s at Resident of Dehu-Road in Pune.

Pawan Bai Punmiya is giving A vast Knowledge about slokas and Mantra = which teach you and give you guidance about Jainism, Lord Mahaveera and 24 Tirthankara.

Parasmal Ji Punmiya Available At – 238 Main Bazaar Dehu Road Pune – For Meeting at 8 Pm To 10 pm – on available dates.

Dehuroad is land of blessed place of lord – Mahaveera – Vimalnaath Temple and DehGaon is famous for Sant Tukaram Maharaj.

Parasmal Ji Also Attend Vimal Naath Jain Temple Event and Other Temple Related Activities too in very year. Vimalnaath Jain temple – Celebrating Paryushan Parva once a year – and Parasmal Punmiya Playing many Role in that.

Parasmal Punmiya is originally from Marwar Rani Gaum – a son of Pukraj Rai Chand Punmiya and Ram Pyari Bai Punmiya – they shifted to pune in their early 20’s and later started jewellery and diamond Business. And In late 30’s open charity and NGO – to dedicate his father soul – Pukhraj Punmiya.

And At age of Retirement – in his 70’s he handed over to Upcoming generation, with direction. Now He is moving back to Dehuroad with one of his old Resident and arrange meeting there at location every evening between 8pm to 10pm.

Parasmal Pukhraj Punmiya – daughter – Mamta Sanjay Gungliya is currently doing very big seva and helping Jain Sangh at Guruwar Peth.

Mamta Sanjay Gungliya and Sanjay Gungliya donate very year food for cows and animal shelters.

Parasmal son – Vikram Jain – is past leader of Human Right Leader, and Currently Running a Business at Nigdi Pune, and Also His Younger son – Kirti jain – is taking care of Mobile Business and Taking Care of all Customer Need.

Parasmal Ji Pukhraj Raichand Punmiya – and Jayantil – Lal Punmiya, Arvind Punmiya and Naresh Punmiya also donate a huge amount to Pabal Dharmshalaa to built rooms – at his early 30’s – to Pabal temple in Pune.

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