Speaks to Personal Injury Accidents and Valiente Mott Speaks to Personal Injury Accidents and Valiente Mott

Should you sustain a personal injury, whether it’s in a car or truck accident, or even while driving a motorcycle, the last thing you want to be concerned with is finding an attorney that you can trust.  The injuries sustained are difficult enough to handle, but now you must look for someone who can assist in recovering some of your expenses.

If you live in the Las Vegas area, you know there are numerous vehicular accidents every day, especially on I-15. With the Vegas 24-hour culture, busy daytime rush hours and the late-night drinking and driving it is unlikely that you will travel long without being added to the accident statistics.  Vegas is also a huge venue for corporate and social galas, such as the Lerner and Rowe Injury Attorneys support of the Las Vegas Youth through sponsorship of the Clark County Law Foundation’s Fourth Annual Community Champions Gala.  Events like this bring even more traffic into the Las Vegas area, increasing the likelihood that you might need legal assistance from a personal injury attorney.

It should not surprise anyone to find out that 42% of all auto accidents in the Las Vegas area are caused by drunk driving.  With this and other high percentages of personal injury accidents, it is not surprising that we were encouraged to check this site out for information on local personal injury accident attorneys. Be sure to check out reviews on any attorney that you might consider.  Their reputation can go a long way in the courtroom. However, be careful to ensure that the person providing the review is an actual client of the firm. 

If you are in the Vegas area and become one of the vehicular personal injury statistics, firms like Valiente Mott, recommend you collect as much of your own data at the accident location as possible.  Many people rely heavily on the local police to collect everything only to find out that critical items necessary in the courtroom were not recorded at the accident.  With today’s phone technology, you have everything you need. Take photos of everything. Record videos to show local traffic congestion and even the behavior of the other driver, if there is a question of intoxication.  Record conversations with police officers so that everything is captured at the scene.

Vegas can be an exciting place to live, work and play.  However, it can also be a hectic, dangerous place to drive.  Be sure to be safe, but if not, be sure to secure a personal injury attorney that can take care of your needs best.

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