Kickstarter campaign introduces stylish matching briefs & socks that complete a picture from waist to toe

Sundies is a unique collection of amazingly stylish matching briefs and socks that explores out-of-the-box design themes as well as promises optimum comfort and softness.

Forget boring underwear with the same old wallpaper designs. A Utah-based apparel company has recently launched an innovative collection of stylish briefs and socks that are uniquely designed to form a complete picture from waist to toe. Aptly titled “Sundies”, the collection aims to take men’s underwear fashion to the next level. 

A cool collection of undies and socks, Sundies pairs boast out-of-box designs that were not explored in the men’s underwear scene ever before. Equal parts sassy and equal parts stylish, the Sundies sets are meant to spark envy from your fellow bros and also earn admiration from your lady love.

“Sundies are your trump card when you are aspiring to ‘dress to impress’ to the tee. Our uniquely designed stylish brief & socks sets are sure to make your girlfriend croon in delight, and your bros gasp in envy! Your Sundies will make you even more popular, and you will soon have every other friend asking for the secret to your awesome style statement. It’s high time you drop your old boring underwear and dress your assets in the coolest and sexiest of brief & sock sets”, stated Drew Dunn, the creator behind the Sundies campaign on Kickstarter.

Sundies are more than just a bunch of stylish brief and sock sets. Every set here speaks of a theme or story which is uniformly carried across the entire set to present a wholesome picture from hip to toe. Put simply, the graphics that start with the socks continue all the way up to the underwear to create a complete theme. The Sundies sets have experimented with a variety of unique themes, ranging from galaxy to jungles. 

“Added to the continuation of graphics, we have also given lots of attention to every cut and placement of the design on our sets. Every pair has been individually cut to ensure every design lines up perfectly. The designs here are so intricate and artsy that they feel like straight out of a  Michelangelo canvas painting!”

Speaking further, Dunn stressed the high comfort quotient assured by every set in the Sundies collection. Convenient to wear and soft to touch, the Sundies sets speak of optimum comfort level for the wearers.

A host of unique features make Sundies stand tall in the regular undies & sock market:

Double-stitched design to prevent itch caused by loose strands of fabric

No-roll waistband which stays true to form even while you sweat

100% breathable material made from breathable polyester and bamboo

Comfortable to wear even in tight pants

No rollup woes with longer seams

Available in a wide range of sizes, ranging from S-Xl sizes

Sundies briefs and socks are here to take your undergarment sexiness to a whole new level. They will make you feel proud, confident, and also make your style game cooler than ever before. We are looking for mass production now and hence this Kickstarter campaign. Your generous support will enable us to bring Sundies to life and redefine men’s undergarment fashion and for better.”

Backers will be rewarded with a bunch of cool treats, including a sleek keepsake box, a lovely pen, and a custom card.

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Company Name: Sundies
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