Award-Winning Business Coach and Entrepreneur Samira Jones Launches A New Book

Award-Winning Business Coach and Entrepreneur Samira Jones Launches A New Book
Samira Jones recently launched a new book titled “Game Changer Life: The Anthology.”

Samira Jones, a highly acclaimed entrepreneur, business coach, and an international speaker, is pleased to announce the launch of her new book titled, Game Changer Life: The Anthology, an anthology that features the journeys and defining game-changing moments of twenty amazing authors.

Game Changer Life: The Anthology, is a worldwide collaboration, sharing life’s pivotal moments of twenty authors who have experienced everything from self-destruction to self-liberation and self-discovery. There’s a story for every reader from every walk of life in the book. In fact, the goal for their readers is to see themselves through the stories of the people in the book, so that they can be inspired by what’s possible.

Samira is sought and renowned for her one-of-a-kind voice, compassion for others, yet no holding back truths when it comes to living a person’s best life. She is more than an empowerment speaker. She is the match that will ignite everyone into passion and purpose.

Apart from helping ordinary individuals every day to flourish in business and life, Samira also wears many hats. She is a voice and advocate for child sex abuse survivors through her organization, Sex Assault Victims Emerge, (S.A.V.E.) Its mission is to offer helpful services and resources to those people in need of support and advocacy for justice.

Game Changer Life, The Anthology features stories shared from all walks of life. This includes Candace Nelson, who was once a single mother who found love and happiness after understanding that life doesn’t always go as planned. There’s also Cyndilu Miller, who had her epiphany when she realized she was a screamer like her mom. Meanwhile, Barbara Combs Williams desires to share with her peers that a person is never too old to dream and go after it. She puts emphasis that everybody has a story, and that story is worth hearing. Then there’s Jay Barr who uses building blocks to share his testimony from the streets to the corner office as Executive Vice President, which almost got compromised when he was left to make a decision that could have changed his fate and his family’s life forever. These are everyday individuals who have had some life-changing moments that were truly game changing.

“The victories and celebrations that we share are available to anyone who just believes. Belief is the foundation after desire. Our desires and belief system behind those desires are what drives us towards our outcomes in life,” said Samira Jones.

The book has a foreword by the actress, comedienne, and master story coach Kim Coles. Game Changer Life, The Anthology is now available at

About Samira Jones

Samira Jones is an award-winning International Speaker, Business Coach, and a full-time entrepreneur. She is currently operating three businesses and planning to launch more in the future. She always knew that being an entrepreneur was in her DNA. She comes from a family of entrepreneurs and born leader at the same time.

To learn more about Samira Jone’s new book, call here at 410-317-4522 or send her an email at [email protected]. Visit her official website at

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