BitTok debuts at the Singapore FinTech Festival 2019

From November 11th to 13th, the Singapore FinTech Festival in 2019 was held at the EXPO Exhibition Center. BitTok ( was invited to participate in the exhibition and attracted a lot of investors from the venue. The booth was surrounded by a large number of participants who came to consult and experience. This is also the second time that BitTok has made a sound on the international stage after the Indonesian and Malta  summit  this year. 


The Singapore FinTech Festival is a grand gathering of elites from the global financial and blockchain industries, including Ravi Menon, President of the Singapore Financial Supervisory Authority, and Christine Moy, Executive Director of the JP Morgan Blockchain Project, and the head of the multinational financial regulators in the Middle East and Australia. Accenture Global Block leader David Treat, Hong Kong HSBC CEO Andy Maguire and many other industry leaders attended the summit and delivered a wonderful speech.

In this fintech festival, as an emerging international cryptocurrency exchange, one of the core issues that BitTok was most consulted by participants was the security of the platform. In terms of security, many new exchanges are now difficult to retain customers because of the problem of losing coins. In response to this industry pain point, BitTok has been protecting the security of user assets as the core mission of the team from the beginning. With its excellent technical development strength, the platform adopts a safety structure such as a fully deposit wallet system + multi-signature + DDOS protection to establish a bank-level security protection system. No matter whether it is a hacker or an insider, it has never happened here at BitTok. In addition to powers such as technology partners, BitTok also has an international professional legal advisor team, financial industry experts and senior operations team, hired professional risk control personnel and security consultant team to enhance their comprehensive strength.

BitTok participated in the Singapore FinTech Festival and its intention to enter the overseas market was obvious. Looking at the problems that are common in the digital asset industry from 2019 to the present, most of the trading platforms are simply competing for the existed market. And BitTok believes that the bigger opportunity should be in the incremental market. At present, many new exchanges are thinking about vying for users from the old exchanges. However, due to factors such as the interest binding of the exchange and user habits, it is difficult for users to transfer funds to other exchanges for trading. Instead, individual exchanges that stand out from the crowd will focus on opening up new markets and thinking about better models to explore more new users in the market. BitTok is a typical example of this. Mining incremental users and expanding overseas markets are the core strategic objectives of the platform’s global layout.

BitTok ( has been widely deployed this year in overseas markets including Southeast Asia and the Europe. In countries with high financial markets such as Swiss, financial stability is more important than financial innovation. The development of financial technology in area such as Southeast Asia is relatively slow, and the use of innovative technologies such as blockchain undoubtedly provides opportunities for overtaking in corners. BitTok will also pursue the trend and accelerate the development of blockchain technology and industrial innovation. Continue to explore the digital economy model innovation, and strive to create a safe, stable, convenient and efficient digital asset trading platform. By integrating resources at home and abroad, BitTok will further accelerate globalization and eventually spread distributed ideas and technologies all over the world.

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