Chengdu Jincheng Park, Pushing the International Architectural Design Competition to Another Climax

On October 28, the Jincheng Park International Architectural Design Competition officially kicked off its global recruitment, rapidly setting off a new wave in the architectural circle. The atmosphere was pushed an even higher climax when the lineup of seven international supervisor was announced on November 4.

By the end of registration on November 5, the organization team received a total of 223 valid entries across the global. Finally, 42 finalists were selected after diverse evaluations, forming 7 competition teams considering features of contestants, their bid tenders and ideas of supervisor.

Seven supervisors are Professor Ali Rahim from University of Pennsylvania, Stefan Al- Senior Director of KPF, George Kunihiro – Chairman of ARCASIA (Architects Regional Council Asia)Stewart Dodd – Principal of Chengdu Campus, AA Visiting School, and Professor Inaqui Carnicero from Cornell University, with architectural culture in Europe, Asia and America covered.

All these distinguished architects vividly show their enthusiasm in jumping out of conventional thinking and exploring new possibilities thanks to profound academic background, rich east-west cross-cultural practice, and professional application of cutting-edge techniques and materials. Serving for the world leading architecture colleges, they not only keep enriching modern architectural theories as pioneers in architectural research, but also share with global young generations their decades of useful experience and carry forward the spirit of contemporary architecture.

Their presence makes the competition a world-class creativity feast!

Forty-two finalists are from diverse cultural backgrounds, more specifically, first-class architecture departments from China’s eight famous architecture universities like Tsinghua University, Southeast University and Tianjin University, as well as the world-class universities including University of Pennsylvania, Architectural Association School of Architecture, Cornell University and Harvard University. Some of them even worked in KPF, NBBJ, DS+R and other famous architect’s office. All these lay solid foundation for their career in architecture circle. What’s more, most of them have founded their own architectural design studios that win countless awards at competitions at all levels. There are two finalists from British in addition to those 40 Chinese contestants.

Profound academic background, abundant work experience in leading architecture firms and great talent in design are all icons of these young yet experienced architects. There is no doubt that they will fulfill their potentials on architecture and bring us a fantastic yet memorable cross-culture and diversified competition on architectural theory under the guidance of seven international supervisor. This is not only merely a competition, but a platform to showcase the brand new and creative architectural ideas in the new era.

Let’s look forward to the amazing preliminary contest of International Architectural Design Competition of Jincheng Park on November 8.

Yearning for seven architectural icons and 2 million yuan of premium, all these finalists will compete for the grand champion step by step from top 21 and top 7 in the next month. We’ll deliver you all the exciting moments!

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