New Emergency Response App Provides Schools, Camps, Churches, and Daycares with Immediate Access to Emergency Information

App ensures employers, parents, and participants have additional peace of mind.

Atlanta, GA – A brand new emergency response app is pleased to announce it is providing immediate and life-saving emergency information to groups such as schools, camps, churches, and daycares.

The app, called SafetyScan Medical Assistant, is the must-have solution for any work location in which an emergency can occur.  The mobile app allows supervisors, teachers, coaches, and more, to access emergency information anywhere, at any time, and within seconds.

“We developed this app because we realized there is a critical need for caregivers to have instant access to emergency information,” says Bryce Bonilla, founder of SafetyScan.  “Our team is very family-centered and we know how important it is to ensure loved ones are well taken care of.”

The SafetyScan app works by turning any smartphone or tablet into an emergency response tool.  It provides the user with quick access to the information and forms required in an emergency situation. 

SafetyScan is the ultimate app to have in an emergency because of its highly beneficial features, including:

  • Ability to make a direct phone call to emergency contacts set by parents, as well as emergency services such as 911, all within the touch of a button
  • Works without an internet connection
  • Can be accessed anywhere, making it more reliable than desktops and paper copies that may not be accessible
  • Access information within seconds; use fingerprint and facial recognition to log in quickly
  • Parents have full control over the information given and who can access that information
  • Free for organizations to use; members (parents, etc.) pay a small annual fee of $12
  • and so much more!

SafetyScan is ideal for a number of different programs, such as:

  • Schools
  • Recreational leagues
  • Teams
  • Corporations
  • Scouts
  • Summer camps
  • Churches
  • Daycares
  • And any other workplace/organization

“In our experience, every second during an emergency is important to us,” states Bonilla.  “With SafetyScan, you can be rest assured you’ll have the critical info you need in mere seconds.”

For more information about SafetyScan, please visit the company’s website at

About the Company

Founded in 2018, SafetyScan Medical Assistant is designed to save time and save lives during emergency situations.  The proprietary mobile app was created to turn supervisors’ mobile devices into a tool capable of accessing emergency information, and to be able to call emergency contacts, on the spot.

SafetyScan is the ultimate resource for a world full of medical conditions and allergies that can be life-threatening.  The app gives peace of mind to program participants and their families.

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