Eblouir, Pioneer of Minimalist Skincare is globalizing its business

Éblouir is a dermo-cosmetics brand launched in 2014 by Shubi Zhang in China and Vu-Hoang Lê in Switzerland, with the unique concept of minimalist skincare.

The brand invests heavily in research and development of skin repair ingredients. When it comes to repairing and maintaining a healthy skin, less is more. Éblouir’s philosophy is all about quality over quantity, prioritizing key clinically-proven ingredients and eliminating harmful ingredients.

The word Éblouir is French (“éblouir”) for “Dazzling Beauty”: every woman is a diamond – dazzling, rare and strong. The business model is different from other brands which heavily rely on strong marketing and PR. Instead, Éblouir relies on client’s word of mouth, integrating professional skincare where minimalist ingredients are key to for curing the skin.

Switzerland: Cooperation with Incorpore Medical Center

In 2019, Éblouir officially established a strategic partnership with Incorpore in Switzerland. The collaboration is not only commercial but also involves research and development over critical topics in dermatology and plastic surgery.

Incorpore is a well-known medical and plastic surgery center in Geneva, Switzerland, with deep expertise in the dermatology/skin treatments. The medical center also caters for international clients where it has grown famous for their high quality treatments, equipment and technology.

Paris, where dreams begin

Following the internationalization of Eblouir, a new flagship store has opened in Paris. The first French store follows the minimalist and clean design, and highlights the brand philosophy of “simplifying complexity”. The mild and pure colors brings people a sense of harmony and comfort, just like the products of Eblouir.

Unlike its competitors, Éblouir has only developed eight main products over the past six years, preferring  to focusing on key skin issues. Eblouir’s mission is to help each person achieve what is dearest in their heart.

These are exciting times for the world of Skincare, as Éblouir internationalizes and pioneers minimalist skin-repair through strategic partnership with Incorpore Medical Center and the new Paris shop opening.

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