Rose Grower Asif Ali Gohar grows a new floribunda rose variety named Gohar

A professional rose grower from Pakistan who has more than ten years-experience crossbreeding roses has introduced a new rose variety named Gohar.

A professional rose grower and the owner of a garden shop in Lahore has hit the headlines after growing a new floribunda rose variety named Gohar. Asif Ali Gohar who has run his flower shop in Lahore, Pakistan for more than ten years has excited his customers with the new rose.

The crossbreeding rose expert wanted to create a new brand of rose, a rose that would stand out, and a rose that his customers would love to own. The Gohar rose took a lot of time to create, with the professional rose expert combining different roses until he developed the stunning rose.

The father of two is very proud of his new gardening creation. The new rose has big leaves and is long stemmed. The flowering period of Gohar is until late autumn.

The new rose is a cross between rosa chinensis and rosa multiflora. The idea behind the rose was to develop something that stood out among other roses, a rose that would stand proud and have its own identity.

Since news came to light about the new floribunda rose variety named Gohar, Asif Ali Gohar has gained huge attention in his own country and around the world. Some rose lovers have said the new rose looks remarkable, while other rose growers have said Asif has given them the inspiration to create their own breed of roses.

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