Deeply dig out the results of brand value application and innovate world impact of listed brand value

“China Brand Value Forum” and “The 5th China (listed) Top 100 Brand Value Press Conference” were grandly held

Once upon a time, the world’s brand value highlands have always been occupied by developed foreign economies. The evaluation standards for brand value evaluation systems that affect the world economy were created by foreign developed countries. It is difficult to find Chinese voices in the world-class brand influence ranking. With the rapid development of China’s economy, China’s national strength has increased significantly, and the domestic market economy has increasingly demanded for the growth of brand value. The establishment and development of local brand value evaluation system is the most urgent task of brand building, and it is imperative to establish the international influence of Chinese brand value.

One stone provoked thousands of waves, and “Daguanyu Kewei ( China Brand Value Network” take the lead, actively explored practices, supplemented the lack of markets, and relied on years of deep cultivation of brand value areas to integrate Peking University Authoritative departments and other authorities have successfully released the four rankings of Chinese brand values, which has caused huge repercussions in the industry and society. This time, it also created and launched the brand value ranking of Chinese listed companies. It took the lead in proposing the concept of the securities brand version, and took an important step in the local list’s influence on the world’s innovation world.

On December 22, 2019, the “China Brand Value Forum” and the “5th China (Listed) Enterprise Brand Value Top 100 Press Conference” were successfully held.

The 100 list of Chinese (listed) companies released this time is very different from our previous list of top 100 companies

Top 100 Brands of Creative China (Listed) Enterprises

Combining the characteristic development of the Chinese stock market in the past 30 years and the status quo of the development of Chinese brand values, a comprehensive, scientific and independent brand value survey, research, and demonstration has formed a preliminary evaluation method for the brand value of Chinese listed companies.

Inventory of global brands

In-depth discussions on the development history of the world’s securities markets and the economic successes achieved, and analyzes the remarkable impact and driving effect of strong international brands on the securities market and stock prices.

Innovative Chinese Brand Value Economy Forum

We also hope that the international market will discover the charm of Chinese brand value, strengthen the communications and exchanges between the international market and Chinese brands, and promote the market-oriented exchanges and interactions between the world brand value evaluation standard and the Chinese brand value evaluation standard. The market driven by the international brand value market Economic leverage has created tremendous brand value feedback for Chinese companies under brand input. China Brand Value Network is willing to contribute to the world’s brand value with the international community, so that the world can benefit from the market vitality and value of China’s living brand economy.

This list summarizes the successful release experience of previous lists, and actively explores the practicability and applicability of the list. The Chinese brand value network first proposed the concept of the securities brand version and actively promoted the feasibility study. The research results of two years were displayed and reported, hoping to arouse more attention and support from the securities industry, the investment industry, the brand industry, and the business community for the expansion of the innovative value results of the securities brand version.

The conference gathered a crowd of well known professors and elites, and the atmosphere was warm. Mr. Hou Yunchun, Former Deputy Director of the Development Research Center of the State Council, Chairman of the China Enterprise Evaluation Association, Former Standing Committee Member of the Peking University Party Committee, Former Dean of the School of Economics, Professor, Famous Economist, Chairman of the Peking University China Brand Value Evaluation Research Platform Advisory Committee Experts and scholars in the field of brand research, representatives of the top 100 enterprises, and representatives from the government, academia, industry, and media attended the event.

First, Yan Zhijie, the former member of the Peking University Party Committee, the former dean of the School of Economics, a professor, a famous economist, and the chairman of the Peking University Chinese Brand Value Evaluation Research Platform Advisory Committee, delivered an opening speech.

Tao Yitao, a well-known expert on SEZ issues, director of the China Special Economic Zone Research Center of Shenzhen University, Dean of the “Belt and Road” Institute of Shenzhen University, and Dean of the “Belt and Road” Institute for International Cooperative Development (Shenzhen), gave an opening speech and delivered the title ” “Belt and Road” opportunities and challenges of internationalization “. It shows the major achievements of the Belt and Road Initiative in recent years, analyzes the opportunities and challenges encountered, and elaborates the value and significance of the institutional and cultural constraints and inclusive development of the implementation of the Belt and Road Initiative.

Hou Yunchun, former deputy director of the Development Research Center of the State Council and chairman of the China Enterprise Evaluation Association, delivered a keynote speech entitled “International Economic Situation and Chinese Brand Development”and rigorously analyzed and explained the status and prospects of Chinese brand development under the current international political and economic situation.

Next, Wu Zhongze, former deputy minister of the Ministry of Science and Technology, delivered a speech entitled “Insist on Scientific and Technological Innovation Leading and Accelerate the Development of National Brands in the New Era”, emphasizing the importance of independent innovation of enterprises to enhance the international competitiveness of Chinese brands.

The list of the “5th China (Listed) Top 100 Corporate Brand Value Lists” of 2019 was announced by the CEO of “Grand View Kewei ( China Brand Value Network” and Peking University’s China Brand Value Evaluation Research Platform List Single speaker Ms. Song Jinhong announced and made a detailed introduction to the list.

“The 5th China (Listed) Top 100 List of Enterprise Brand Values”, the list covers 26 industries with a total value of 104118.42 billion yuan and an average brand value of 104.118 billion yuan. Among them, Tencent ranked 686.467 billion yuan, Alibaba ranked 631.120 billion yuan, and Industrial and Commercial Bank of China ranked 434.945 billion yuan in the top three brands of China (listed) companies. This year, there were 2 Chinese (listed) companies with a brand value exceeding 600 billion, 3 with a brand value between 300 billion and 500 billion, and 7 with a brand value between 200 billion and 300 billion. To some extent, it reflects and foreshadows the development status and trends of China’s top listed brands, and demonstrates the rich results that Chinese brands have achieved along with economic development and capital market construction. The Top 100 List of Listed Companies’ Brand Values scientifically reflects the status quo, development trends and brand influence of brands in various industries and regions, and provides relatively objective decision-making basis for government agencies, market investors, and brand operators.

Ye Xiangxun, the former director of the Hong Kong and Macao Office of the Supervisory Board of the State-owned Assets Supervision and Administration Commission of the State Council, and guest professor and postgraduate tutor of the Accounting Institute of China Finance University, gave his experience on the brand and affirmed the achievements of Chinese enterprises in brand development.At the same time, he believed that we must continue to strengthen the brand awareness of enterprises.

Next, Yan Yu, Executive Deputy Dean of the School of Economics, Peking University, delivered a keynote speech on “Iterative Business Model and Brand Strategy”, which explained in detail the relationship between the iterative phenomenon of business model and the development of brand economy, and stated that “brand strategy is “The ultimate business model.”

Former inspector of the China Securities Regulatory Commission, director of the personnel department, and vice president of the China Advertisers Association, Zhao Qingguo delivered a keynote speech entitled “The Significance of Brand Value Evaluation for Today’s Enterprises”, analyzing and emphasizing the strengthening of brand building and improvement in the context of domestic and international economic The necessity and urgency of brand value evaluation.

At the event site, “Daguanyu Kewei ( China Brand Value Network” and the International Tide Business Conference held a signing ceremony for brand value evaluation and service commission.

Immediately afterwards, Tang Shanxin, President of Guangdong Strategic Intellectual Property Research Institute, Honorary Chairman of Guangdong Brand Promotion Association, former Deputy Secretary of the Party Group and Executive Deputy Director of Guangdong Intellectual Property Office gave a speech and delivered a speech entitled “Brand Value and Intellectual Property”.

During the roundtable dialogue, guests such as Zheng Xuehua, Executive Chairman of Shenzhen Commercial Art and Design Promotion Association, Wang Qihang, Executive Chairman of Shenzhen Bay Forum Council, and Wang Junming, Dean of Shenzhen Capital Market Research Institute, shared the theme of “The Future of Shenzhen Butterfly” Brand Enhancement Insights. Enterprises need to grasp the new direction and policies of the industry development, and carry out targeted innovations and changes to achieve brand promotion.

At this press conference, the “World Brand Value Evaluation Task Force” of “Daguanyu Kewei ( China Brand Value Network” announced the official establishment. “Daguanyu Kewei ( China Brand Value Network” hopes to play a positive role in brand value valuation and mergers and acquisitions, financing, and enhance brand influence and competitiveness, helping Chinese brands to stand on Forest of Nations.

Zhou Changhu, special counsellor of the People’s Government of Guangdong Province and former vice chairman of the Shenzhen Municipal Political Consultative Conference, delivered a concluding speech entitled “Connotation and Implementation Path of Brand Strategy”,which brought substantive analysis and implementation methods to brand strategy.

Finally, Wu Qichao, a representative of Shenzhen University alumni and chairman of Tianan New Materials, spoke on behalf of the Shenzhen University Alumni Association.

Published academic authoritative brand value evaluation standards, promoted the “listed company brand value evaluation rankings” that are urgently needed by the Chinese brand evaluation community, expanded the effective dissemination of listed company brand value securities markets, promoted the substantial benefits of listed companies’ securities capital brand value, Exposed The display of Chinese brand value strength of listed companies to global, illuminated the sublimation of Shenzhen’s construction of an international benchmark city to add brand value economy. The forum ended successfully in an atmosphere of rigorous, warm and in-depth discussion!

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