Florida Locals Understand the Importance of HVAC Maintenance

Florida Locals Understand the Importance of HVAC Maintenance

When a homeowner purchases a brand new air conditioner or furnace the worst thing they can do is ignore it once it’s installed. Who wouldn’t want to protect the investment they just made? Many times the warranty won’t be any good if the product isn’t cared for and maintained the way the warranty states it should be done. Even though people are very busy nowadays, many have to be home because of the coronavirus epidemic.

Being Safe in the Home

The last thing any Floridian needs is for their home equipment to break down or leach carbon monoxide into the home while they’re waiting for their unemployment benefits or their economic stimulus check. Preventing a dangerous scenario can be avoided by having a good company come in and do a maintenance check and repair if needed.

Taking Care of HVAC Equipment After the Purchase

Log onto https://www.airandenergy.biz/ and read what this company says about the proper maintenance of a homeowner’s investment. The testimonials of people who are extremely satisfied are also listed on their Facebook page along with a photo of their employees. Technicians are highly trained and consumers rave about the customer service received during their communication and service calls. Whether on the phone for the first time, or with long-time customers, everyone is treated with respect. The company always takes time to resolve each problem and arrive on time when they’re making house calls.

Plumbing, Generators, Replacements, and Repairs

Air & Energy offers ventilation services that are important in deterring mold in homes holding humidity. Employees arrive in a van that has the company name imprinted on it, wearing masks and practice social distancing. The safety of employees and home or business owners is of utmost concern today. Chances can’t be taken for either the business or the customer. All the same, products break down and no one wants to go without air conditioning since days are starting to get warm, and when nights are cool they want to be sure the furnace turns on. The company also installs generators to take care of those times when the power goes out altogether.

Contacting the Nearby HVAC Company 

Just log onto https://www.airandenergy.biz/contact-us to get in contact with an associate who can make a maintenance appointment. They will explain the importance of having home equipment running at peak performance levels. Air conditioners should be checked out in the spring and furnaces need to be checked in the fall each year. Even though quality name brand energy-efficient products are installed in the home or business today, they still need filters changed, and parts cleaned to ensure they last as long as they’re supposed to. 

When customers are searching for a reputable, well-known company to work with they call on us. We answer the phone, and we’re ready to keep our customers cool, warm, and safe. Give us a call today and we’ll maintain and repair your air conditioning unit and furnace or install modern energy-efficient units.

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