From chai glasses to pumping iron: Nikhil Watts – The story of a true underdog

How often do you come across the whole family that lives and breathes fitness? One such family is of Watts’s brothers, Nikhil and Vivek Watts. They train together and also cook meals and design each other’s diet plans. We are going to talk about Nikhil Watts. We are going to look in-depth about Nikhil watts who embarked on a body-building journey and winning the fitX 2018 title.

Nikhil used to work for a tea seller and sell chai to make his living.  He accidentally visited a gym along with his friend who eventually ended up paid his gym fee. His parents always supported by continuing to pay his gym fees and fulfil his dream.

He had no idea about diet and other necessary information to build a good quality muscle. He enjoyed eating ice cream and kurkure. Later he found out that after workout eggs should be consumed as it contains a good amount of protein or have a glass of juice. He began learning by observing and enquiring from fitter guys around him.

A testimony to his hard work and relentless discipline – he won his first title MR. Mohali in 2010.

He used to lift good and moreover his body was responsive to these workout routines and he wanted to go professional and hire a coach. His first coach got jealous because of his success and gave him fake supplements. Nikhil gave 4 Years of his life to this coach and was working very hard under him but after he realized about the fake supplements it broke his heart and literally made him cry.

With even more determination he began his search for a new coach only to realize fitness coaches were expensive. To channelize his frustration he decided to start a gym along with his brother and began helping his community in their fitness goals. He slowly began to realize his ambitions of making it even bigger in the world of body-building.

Nikhil sent his brother Mumbai to learn more about fitness and nutrition from K11 Academy. This helped the brothers gain more knowledge and eventually helped their clients with effective workouts and right information on diet.

Nikhil wanted to establish more credibility in the fitness industry. One could see him quite often lifting substantial weights and undergoing intense workout sessions.

Nikhil once again began competing for local bodybuilding championships, which gave him the confidence to participate in an all India championship.

And with one year of hardcore preparation, Nikhil won the prestigious Fitex championship in 2018 

His muscular physique and winning Fitex completely changed the positioning of Watts brothers in Punjab. It earned him immense popularity as the most credible fitness trainers in Punjab.

Nikhil’s achievements include:

  • Over all fitX winner 2018
  • Mr. India – 2nd place – 2017
  • Mr. North India – first place – 2017
  • Mr. Punjab – 2016
  • Mr. Mohali – 2010

He is also a brand ambassador of international protein and Nutrix chocolate.

Connect with Nikhil on his Instagram profile at and get to know more about him and his dreams.

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