Why Massage Chairs? The Top 6 Health and Wellness Benefits of An Osaki Massage Chair

The merits and benefits of massage therapy are well-known, originating in the East, or Asia, and being widely practiced for almost 2.5 centuries. Massage therapy originated in ancient Egyptian and Chinese cultures as they believed in its medical benefits. In modern times, there has been an upsurge in massage therapy’s popularity right across the globe.

However, it is not always possible or feasible to get to a massage therapist. Consequently, investing in one of the Osaki massage chairs is a viable alternative.


By way of answering this question, here are the top 6 health and wellness benefits of the massage chair for consideration:

Improves posture

Massage chairs like the Osaki OS Hiro LT massage chair have a zero-gravity position. This concept was adopted from the NASA Technology Transfer Program. Consequently, lying in a zero-gravity position places the musculoskeletal system in its most relaxed state. And, this natural position promotes a non-stressed muscle system, correctly aligned vertebrae, better breathing, improved digestion, and enhanced circulation; thereby, improving the natural posture.

Assists rehabilitation

Massage is known to promote blood flow to injured areas; thereby, aiding with rehab and improving the patient’s mental and emotional state. The Titan Pro Jupiter XL massage chair offers similar rehabilitation benefits as manual massage. It offers 5 different massage intensities, from gentle to deep massage, which improves the blood flow to the injured area.

As an aside, this massage chair offers the additional benefit of being able to accommodate extra-tall and large people which means that they can also experience this chair’s advantages when it comes to supporting the rehabilitation of injuries.  

Soothes painful headaches

Headaches such as migraine headaches, tension headaches, and cluster headaches can have a severely limiting impact on a chronic sufferer’s health and well-being. The good news is that massage is a known treatment to reduce the impact of these headaches.

The massage chairs S-Track technology tracks the curvature of the human spine from the glutes right up into the neck; thus, allowing the chair’s massage rollers to massage tense neck and spinal muscles; thereby, providing pain relief for headache sufferers.

Reduces general aches and pains

The Osaki Pro OS-4D Paragon massage chair has a new and innovative 4D technology that provides a wider, deeper massage that feels more human-like. The massage depth is adjustable and includes 4 different levels or intensities. And, the chair includes 5 different speeds so the massage intensity and speed can be set to provide a soothing massage which will provide relief to the general feeling of malaise.

It is also possible to set the chair’s massage intensity level and speed to provide a deep tissue, or sports, massage that is designed to promote rapid recovery of tired muscles after a strenuous training session.

Relaxes and relieves strain on tired eyes

Most people spend the majority of their lives in front of a digital screen, especially during the COVID-19 pandemic. Schools, universities, and workplaces have pivoted their business models from an in-house model to an online, remote method. And, this is likely to remain the status quo for most of 2020.

Unfortunately, one of the negative side effects of looking at a computer screen is eye strain. The Osaki OS-4D Escape massage chair provides the ability to relax the eyes using a combination of the zero gravity and the chromotherapy functions. The relaxing and soothing blue light heightens the body’s sense of relaxation.

Improves breathing and lung capacity

Poor posture, as a consequence of being hunched up over a laptop or desktop computer for hours at a time, results in the reduction in lung capacity and a reduction in the body’s ability to take in enough oxygen for optimal functioning. The human body needs oxygen to survive. And, when the body cannot absorb enough oxygen, producing severe headaches and adding to the general feeling of unwellness.

The Osaki OS-4D Pro Maestro LE massage chair has 8 automatic massage programs built into its unique functioning. One of the programs is a Stretch massage. This function locks the legs, arms, shoulders, and hips using the airbags. And, then it utilizes the reclining and declining positions to gently stretch the body out, expanding the lung capacity, and improving breathing.

Final thoughts

As highlighted above, these massage chairs have a vast number of unique features, and they are part of the group of available massage chairs online. 

Therefore, find out more about any one of the Osaki massage chairs, by contacting The Modern Back at 800-416-4304 or by visiting their website at themodernback.com.

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