More Products for Overall Health and Well-Being Now Being Offered At Life Energy Designs

The best thing about natural products such as the ones being offered by Life Energy Designs is the fact that they are safe. Life Energy Designs’ customers that have tried them have felt better in themselves and their outlooks as well. We understands full well what its clients are looking for, so much so that the company now offers even more products designed for better health and well-being on its website, which include the Life Energy Nano wand, QSB and much more.

NEW ZEALAND – Most everyone today is under some form of pressure, be it pressure from their work or their personal lives. However, perhaps the pressure most people experience manifests from external sources, and cumulatively this can affect their balance of energy and the way they feel. Physical and mental wellbeing are intertwined, both need to be in balance. For instance, electromagnetic field radiation is everywhere; it is especially prevalent today in big cities where there are numerous cell phone towers as well as Wi-Fi connections emanating from buildings and structures. This doesn’t even include the electromagnetic field radiation produced in homes, what with appliances and gadgets such as microwave ovens, television sets, and mobile phones generating EMF field radiation 24/7.

This can certainly have an effect on the energy and balance and a person’s overall health and wellness. Life Energy Designs is a company that has always strived to promote better balance and health with its products designed to fight and combat the dangers of electromagnetic fields. Life Energy Designs is a couple-run enterprise based in New Zealand. The company carefully handcrafts and tests different products for cell phone radiation protection and personal balancing and protection amongst others, and today, the company introduces more products for health and well-being.

One particularly popular product which has already been on the Life Energy Designs roster for some time is the QSB, which is a unique item developed and created by David Slinger inspired by the work and genius of Nikola Tesla. The QSB, which stands for Quantum Scalar Box, was developed for nine years, and it has proven to be great as a de-stressing and healing device for its users.

Other available products designed for well-being and health at Life Energy Designs includes the clear quartz pendulum, available for only $19, the Life Energy Nano wand, and the Izit as well as the upgrade pack for the QSB.

About the company:

Life Energy Designs has become synonymous with natural healing and energy balance, and the company has expanded since its inception into a leading source of products for cell phone radiation protection, EMF protection, general well-being and health, harmonization and zone protection, and a lot more. For the latest info on EMF protection products from Life Energy Designs, visit the website today.

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