Top Chinese TV Network Launches English Video Series “Mundane Glory” To Feature Real Lives in Contemporary China

9 JUNE, 2020 – BEIJING – China’s top television network Mango TV has recently launched English video series aiming to tell the stories of ordinary people living in the world’s second-largest economy to the global audience. 

The show “Mundane Glory” with 15 episodes, produced by one of China’s most popular TV Networks Mango TV, features ordinary people from all walks of life in China with extraordinary stories, including panda breeders, manufacturing workers, doctors, farmers, astronomers, environmentalists, and scientists, as part of China’s efforts to show the world a real China, according to the show’s executive producers. 

“We want to tell the real stories about strivers living in our country, stories that don’t really get told by western media, so that people around the world could get a sense of what today’s China is really like, and how the people are like, without any bias or political agenda”, said Hu Rong,  director of the show, one of the most celebrated producers of Mango TV. 

The web series comes at a trying time for humanity as the COVID-19 pandemic has infected millions of lives worldwide, while China, one of the first countries that got hit by the virus, has effectively controlled the crisis and advocated global joint efforts to combat the health crisis facing mankind. 

The show, inspired by the mission of creating a community with a shared future for mankind, advocated by China’s President Xi Jinping, provides a rare glimpse into China’s under-reported industries through the lives of real people in the areas of scientific and technological innovations, environmental protection, poverty alleviation, manufacturing reforms, humanitarian and medical missions. 

Each episode is hosted by an international TV personality who explores China and tells the stories from a personal aspect. Some of the highlights include the stories of Chinese doctors and volunteers from Guangxi who’ve traveled between China and Africa, helping local people and training local medical workers, as part of the “One Road One Belt” initiatives; and engineers who’ve left home and lived in the mountainous southwestern province of Guizhou for the making of China’s FAST project (Five-hundred-meter Aperture Spherical Telescope) in the deep space industry. 

“It was a privilege to meet all the engineers at FAST and I admire their dedication to their work, as it’s not easy being away from their families. It was particularly inspiring meeting the female members of the FAST team, as their representation is significant to the development of STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) in China, and they are also role models for younger women in China to enter the field of STEM,” said Eunice Olsen, TV host of Channel News Asia from Singapore, who’ve interviewed the engineers there.

The show also follows Chinese panda breeders to show how they redefine the species conservation for the panda, one of the world’s most endangered species; as well as shoe manufacturers to explore their challenges and achievements in taking “Made in China” label up to the next level. 

“(When the COVID-19 is over), I would recommend global tourists who visit China spending a day at the Chengdu Panda Base to learn about all the efforts that are taking place to preserve this incredible species”, said Anthony Morse, a US TV host who interviewed the panda breeders for the show. 

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“Mundane Glory”, a vivid illustration of China’s efforts with the world to build a global community with a shared future for humanity, brings global viewers the stories of strivers in contemporary China.

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