Workplace Health and Wellbeing has just got a serious face lift with the recently launched Health Ci program from Healthy Business Performance Group

“I’m very proud to have been part of a lot of listening and learning that has resulted in the development of HBP’s HealthCi program,” said HBP Group CEO Allan Dickins.

HealthCi is a user focused and holistic health and wellbeing program developed from our teams many years of experience and varied backgrounds in the health, safety and wellbeing industry.

Allan says, “In the last few months we have started to roll the HealthCi framework out across most of our current clients. We were planning to make this change in July, but brought it forward in response to the COVID-19 implications. It’s proven to be a really valuable source of support, connection and oversight of the health and wellbeing of workforces.”

The HealthCi program provides a framework that allows more people to be interacted with than any other health and wellbeing program. This occurs by multi-modal interactions – app, phone and video education and coaching support as well as personalised resources and positive health actions in the mode that suits the user.

Allan says, “We have found over the last few weeks most of the support our HealthCi coaches have been providing is in respect to setting up home workstations, setting up good working from home habits, improving sleep habits, reducing stress and obtaining reliable health information.”

The HealthCi program provides insights not normally available within a health and wellbeing program, providing deidentified holistic information on a workforce as well as providing an individual insight into their own health and wellbeing.

“The data provided by the Ci allows us to partner with our clients to ensure an effective use of what resources are available, both their internal existing supports as well as our health coaches and resources,” say Allan.

The Health Ci is an evidence based, holistic and practical solution to achieve better health and wellbeing. Allan says, “We have worked hard and invested in technological augmentation to maximise access, support to individuals and provide real time comprehensive insight for organisations landing at an affordable solution starting from $830 per month.”

For more information on Health Ci and how this solution will address your organisations needs visit or contact the Health Ci team on [email protected]

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