APLEX V.A. M&A Signing Ceremony for TLC Cooperation with the theme of “Joining Forces to Win the Future” Successfully Concluded

On June 6, 2020, Throne Legacy Capital Ltd.(TLC), an international leading technology-driven foreign exchange trading platform, held a signing ceremony with APLEX V.A. Co., Ltd.(AVA), an international authoritative financial institution, on the theme of “Joining Forces to Win the Future”.  Guided by win-win cooperation, this meeting aims to strengthen the cooperation and development of the two sides in the business through the sharing of the relationship advantages of merger and acquisition cooperation, promote the business expansion of AVA in the Asian market, and maximize the profits of global investors. 

At 14:00 p.m. on the same day, the signing ceremony was solemnly held in Hong Kong. Carl Ronney, CEO of TLC, Kyle Grandham, CEO of AVA, Vladimir Lem, CEO of Limestone, and Dato’ Howard Choo, CEO & Managing Director of IBH Investment Bank attended the signing ceremony. The two sides had full discussions on how to develop the market and promote the future cooperation plan with each other, and formally signed a contract to reach an intention of merger and acquisition cooperation. Moreover, the activity also gathered many media people to participate through online broadcasting. 

With this signing cooperation, TLC will become a member of APLEX V.A. With the help of APLEX V.A.’s rich asset management experience, TLC’s overall business service will be improved, and the concept of multi-year value investment will be applied to relevant sections of financial investment. The two sides will give full play to their respective advantages and resources, actively carry out constructive and innovative business cooperation, and aim to help global investors achieve capital appreciation and wealth growth so as to achieve better investment returns and long-term development. 

At the signing ceremony, Carl Ronney, the CEO of TLC, expressed great satisfaction with the cooperation and was optimistic about the future of the company. Carl Ronney said, “Over the past year, with solid business strength and high standard of service quality, our reputation among foreign exchange trading service providers has continuously improved, and TLC has become an international leading technology-driven foreign exchange trading platform. We have always adhered to the aim of keeping improving and continuously improving our professional ability. We are committed to innovative and high-quality investment projects and financial product development. We have joined hands with more and better partners to explore and perfect the way of stable foreign exchange investment and provide reliable and high-quality services to global investors.  Therefore, we have reached strategic cooperation with IBH Investment Bank of Malaysia and APLEX V.A., an authoritative international financial institution, and launched Forex Insurance Profit Security Plan, Global Wealth Fund (GWF) and PAMM3 foreign exchange trust fund and other services, which have cracked the asset allocation difficulties under the economic turmoil and provided stronger confidence support and sustained high profit returns for global investors. Today, TLC and APLEX V.A. have upgraded from strategic partnership to merger and acquisition, which will achieve a win-win cooperation in five areas: reducing the cooperation costs of both sides, enhancing the development performance of both sides, diversifying investment in high-growth financial products and markets, increasing market share and market positioning, strategic positioning and technological upgrading. TLC will also promote the further rapid development of APLEX V.A. related businesses in the Asian market. In addition, the future development direction of TLC will remain unchanged, and it is still the unswerving development direction of TLC to create a sustainable and stable investment plan for global investors.”

Subsequently, AVA CEO Kyle Grandham said in his speech that APLEX V.A.’s advanced financial technology, rich financial management experience and rich financial resources will provide support for TLC, bringing new opportunities and more powerful impetus to its development in the business sector. This cooperation with TLC will actively develop innovative project cooperation, give full play to APLEX V.A.’s resource advantages, and jointly promote the all-round development of each other’s business strength. At the same time, the Global Wealth Fund (GWF), which was established by IBH Investment Bank as a group financial advisor, has also played a huge investment potential since its launch. It has received active response from the market and enhanced the confidence of global investors in future development.

Vladimir Lem, CEO of Limestone, also spoke out in his speech, expecting to create more brilliant results in the financial investment field with TLC. After 20 years of development, Limestone already has an excellent trading platform, unique value investment concept and precise risk control capability.  The professionalism and strength of TLC trading team are obvious to all.  Now the strong cooperation between the two sides is expected to bring more promising and valuable investment projects to global foreign exchange investors.

Dato’ Howard Choo, CEO & Managing Director of IBH Investment Bank also participated the signing ceremony by live connection.  In his speech, he said that under the supervision of IBH Investment Bank, all parties will strive to strengthen the basic investment risk management framework established through cooperation in the past year.  The merger and acquisition plan of TLC and APLEX V.A. provides a complete investment service ecosystem for global investment. It is expected that the new system established by strengthening risk supervision in the future will bring more full confidence and sustainable returns to global investors. 

At the end of the signing ceremony, AVA and Limestone also announced the sponsorship of the GT racing of Legacy Racing Team and formally signed the sponsorship contract at the same time.  Kyle Grandham said, “Risk management is very important for damage control in extreme sports. Only by integrating the strength of the team can risks be accurately controlled. The same is true for the merger and acquisition cooperation between AVA and TLC. All-round diversification and integration of advantages and commitment to becoming a world-renowned financial company have always been the development direction of TLC’s unremitting efforts. This sponsorship of the popular racing activities is also expected to make more people know AVA and Limestone.”

In anticipation, the signing ceremony has come to a successful conclusion. However, the two financial giants have just begun to optimize their asset allocation and reform their financial layout.  After this substantial integration and upgrading of strength and resources, both sides pay attention to win-win cooperation, and the development of financial investment will surely become excellent! For the vast number of investors in the foreign exchange investment market, it may be a new opportunity to to enter the fast lane.

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