The Broken Truth: Karl Olson’s The Broken Truth is a unique literary achievement in the genre of faith-based writing

This compact, moving and highly spiritual autobiography tells the story of how a man who appeared to have been pushed to one side by society finally found a place in the world through his connection with God. To hear more about how this journey took him to new and unexpected places deep within, we sat down with the author to learn more.

“I’ve always had a passion for life, but what I’ve really struggled with is finding a way to make it everything I’ve wanted it to be. Classmates, colleagues, acquaintances; at times I’ve struggled with how they’ve viewed and treated me. Eventually, it really beat me down and I lost that spark that would get me out of bed in the morning, ready to go and enjoy my day. At times I thought that that would be my new place in life, but a part of me never gave up hope of finding a new way of dealing with the wider world.”

The idea of finding a deeper connection and meaning out there is something mankind has spent a great deal of time wrestling with, so how did Olson approach it?

“In truth, I wasn’t really sure about the best way forward at first — I just knew that something had to change. Over time I came to realize that real change, truth, and understanding of myself and the world around me would come when I opened up and found a place for God. By being able to give meaning to my world and perspective on my place in it, he allows me to do more than I ever thought possible. It gave me a new way of looking at the things which used to get me down and feel so all-consuming.”

Olson’s candid approach is certainly refreshing, but what inspired him to then pick up a pen and get his story down in writing?

“I’ve always believed that everyone has at least one great book in them, so one day I just decided that I was going to get mine down on paper. It was a little daunting at first, to say the least, not just because what I was writing was so deeply spiritual and personal. Eventually, I settled on the idea of keeping it compact, short, and direct. It became a real passion project that forced me to reanalyze my relationship with God and understand how he truly does touch every area of my life. The journey was not always easy, but I can tell you that the truth you find along the way is always worth the process of moving forward. ”

It’s an inspiring way to approach the development of your own spirituality and relationship with the almighty, and one we’re excited to explore further with Olson over the months and years ahead.

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